Neanderthal Religion

Neanderthals caerimonially donned the black feathers of vultures and of crows to indicate, that they desiderated, like unto vultures and crows, not to become the victims of praedatory raptors. (For, raptor-birds will devour all non-raptors birds excepting solely carrion-eating birds.) This is homologous to the Zaratustrian reasonality for feeding the cadavers of their own dead kin to vultures in the silence-towers : the falcon Simurgh in the afterlife must be thus evaded by souls of defuncts.

The Neanderthal cliff-side cavern-tomb overlooking the sea in the Strait of Gibraltar would be purposed similarly to Te Reinga at the cape-cliff on Te Ika a Maui.

The sea-water of the Strait of Gibraltar was likened unto the saline amniotic fluid; so that interrement in that cavern-tomb would be deemed advisement to the post-mortem world of the praedilection of mortals to become redincarnate via metempsychosis. This formulateth the signification in Vodun of the sea-water in the funebrial rite : amniotic fluid for metempsychosis.

The landlocked Mediterranean Sea could have been regarded as an uterus, and the Strait of Gibraltar as the cervix of that uterus, wherethrough the amniotic fluid would burst at parturition. (That the Mediterranean Sea is landlocked may have been surveilled during episodes of Neanderthals' astral projection.)

[written Sept 19th Wedn 2012]