Peculiar animals as deities




in cichlid fishes, some female if a harem will transmute into a male if the huband should die

transmutations of humans between genders is mentioned in both Hina-yana & Maha-yana literatures

in horsefish and other pipefishes, the father gestateth & giveth birth to offspring

the like is described as possible for male practitioners in Daoist alchemic literature

there is a species of seastar in which the entire surface of the body of is occupied by a single eye

likewise is described the god Ava-lokita-is`vara in Zen literature

there are species of shellfish in which the eyen extend all the way around the circular rims of the shells

likewise are described the >o^panni^m "wheels": "full of eyen round about" (Yh.zq>l 10:12)

there is a species of insect in which the father produceth milk and suckleth offspring

likewise doth the male God in the Odes of S^lomoh 8:14; 19:4 (used by Syriac Christians)

amoeba-s (& lower) have no sexual gender

>al-Lahh & angels have sexual gender (in >islam)