Pineal Gland (Epiphysis Cerebri)

"Melanin Pigments in Human Pineal Gland" by Koshy, S. & Vettivel, S. J ANAT. SOC. INDIA 50(2) 122-126 (2001). Melanin is formed from (p. 122a) tyrosine [abundant in cheeses].

In addition to the pineal, a parapineal gland is praesent in a primitive lizard (Sphenodon), in fossil reptiles {Is its praesence in fossil reptiles replicated in Kun.d.alini? If so, is Kun.d.alini a collective ghost of extinct reptiles?}, and in many living amphibia. The parapineal (p. 124a) is provided with lens, and is protrusive through a chink in the skull to the apex of the head. {Therefore, would not Sahasra-ara cakra repraesent the parapineal?} Innervation is from the neck. {Is this why Vis`uddhi cakra (in the neck) necessary to be reached before Sahasra-ara can be activated?} {Ajn~a cakra, said to mediate the interaction between Id.a (at the back of the head) and Pingala (at the forehead), an interaction which must occur prior to any beneficial arousal of Kun.d.alini, could repraesent the ordinary pineal.}

"Melanin Pigments in Human Pineal Gland".

"Why Most Animals Aren’t True Blue". "the pigment melanin, because without it, all blue birds would look white."

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