Geometries of Planes-of-existence


its geometry



rectilinear coo:rdinates

the aitheric "net" is the flat mensuration of plane geometry (measured by coo:rdinates at right angles)


polar coo:rdinates

the astral (figured by asterisk of Sumerian dingir-glyph, derived from omission (from its outline) of hexagon in plane geometry is a polar-coo:rdinates device related to the 8 (4 in each hemisphaire) triangles of 3 angles at mutual right angles in sphairical geometry (and sphairical trigonometry)


projective geometry [with infinitudes]

can be regarded as composed of points formed from contracted crosses (and contracted asterisks) at loci receded infinitely [from the observor, who is naturally observing in polar coo:rdinates]


Cantor’s variation of infinitudes


The repraesentation of infinitudes is an entirely paradoxical, non-intuitive, matter – something encountered when using extrapolating time (or space) beyond its actual limits [the limits imposed by the time-space definition of consciousness].

Deities (the non-physical correlatives of physical matter) are of the essentially paradoxical nature of non-consciousness, and are therefore at home in the world of infinitudes [both the full version of the causal plane, involving the technique of imposing karman; and the maximally simplified version of the mental plane]