Recycling in Higher Planes-of-Existence

Because the higher planes-of-existence are constituted of stabilized patterns of thought-forms

(much as the material-plane is constituted of stabilized patterns of recycling processes involving structures of physical matter),

therefore whenever any alterations (required by the evolution of them over time) are required in those patterns of thought-forms in the higher planes-of-existence

(analogous with alterations in nuclear and chemical structures in the evolution of physical matter within its constraints of entropy, forces, and energy),

the task of performing such alterations (through a recycling process) must usually be delegated to a decliningly lower planes-of-existence,

until at length the lowest of the planes-of-existence (namely, the material-plane) is arrived at, which can recycle (not only thitherto-unrecycled residues from other planes but also) its own residues.

origin of "laws" (actually intercoo:perations) of physics

Substantial forms (in higher planes-of-existence) become

increasingly refined insubstantial forms (immaterial "laws" of physics controlling material bodies, in descending to the lowest plane-of-existence).

Nevertheless, although the higher planes-of-existence are nearly disjointed from each other mutually; yet

in effective contrast, the lowest plane-of-existence must involve within itself intimate relations (amongst aequivalents to the circumstances which are so nearly mutually disconnected) in the higher modalities.

The nigh-disjunctions in the higher planes-of-existence are able to forestall development of any significant conflicts therein;

whereas the lowest of the planes-of-existence (with its intimate interactions among all constituents of itself) cannot evade severe conflicts in the primary instance of its functioning.

how social conflicts can be eliminated

Such conflicts are also manifested in society in very blatant forms. But

because the conflicts (insofar as their action in the soul is concerned) are of mental nature (greed and similar conflict-causing attitudes are mental in nature);

therefore in order to resolve the conflicts evident in society,

an appeal to the higher planes-of-existence (where thoughts are manipulated expertly by a universal thought-process for the sake of universal well-being);

would be of much avail to assist soulful denizens (such as humans) of the material plane.

In appealing to the higher planes-of-existence, it may be essential to cite sequence of such planes, and to requaest access via their securely-controlled interconnections (on analogue with human world, having border-procedures, translation-measures, etc.).

relationship between soulful beings and elemental-spirits

In contrast to elemental-spirits (such as those governing states-of-matter), although such spirits act as though imbued with some intelligence (they are rather confined in their immediate ethical considerations, however, merely to concerns of the material place);

soulful beings are required to range (in their ethical concerns) throughout all planes-of-existence (because the nature of the soul is such as to interconnect, in its responsibilities, through all the planes).

Therefore in the elemental spirits must be contacted (by the higher planes-of-existence) only indirectly, namely by

using soulful beings (such as humans) as intermediaries in conveying any commands down to the elementals.

Thus, lines of communication with the elemental spirits must maintained by soulful beings; and

when, through such communications, commands from the higher planes are transmitted down to the elementals,

then through the appropriate responsive actions by the elemental spirits,

humans are able to receive from divinities a benevolent society.