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Everyone's Guide to the Out of Body Experience

Journey Out-Of-Body

The Art & Practice of Astral Projection by Ophiel &

My Travels in the Spirit-World by Caroline D. Larsen &

My Experiences While Out of My Body (Pt. I) by Cora L. V. Richmond

My Experiences While Out of My Body (Pt. II) by Cora L. V. Richmond

Traveling : an Accidental Expert's How-To Leave Your Body Handbook by Alan Guiden

Adventures Beyond the Body by William Buhlman*CY*ywIHIm4D8CbwwHEN7RF9bXkD6C3pIfU-eo_/Adventures_Beyond_the_Body.pdf (with no p. #s) & & (with p. #s)

Lessons Out of the Body : ... Out-of-Body Travel by Robert Peterson (some chapters)

Out of Body Experiences : How to have them and what to expect by Robert Peterson (complete)

Journeys Out of the Body by Robert Monroe (with no page #s)

Far Journeys by Robert Monroe (with most page #s)

Treatise on Astral Projection by Robert Bruce (without page #s) & (with page #s)

Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce (without page #s) & OutOfBody-Experience (with page #s)

Training to See Auras V4 by Robert Bruce

Book of Jacob by Jacob PeQueen (short view, chapters dated) or (long view, chapters dated) or (collected into single pdf -- chapters unnumbered and undated)



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