Projections of subtle bodies into planes of existence

Traditionally it is said that there are more than eighty stages of yoga nidra. It starts with simple body awareness and ‘so-called’ astral travelling but includes awareness of our inner self, knowledge of the karan sharir (causal body).”;prev_next=prev

Sub-planes of the aitheric plane, as destinations in aitheric projection (“the etheric body is like a glove of energy”, stationed in the “the Real Time Zone or the RTZ”):-

enter the dreams of the sleeping one”.

The lower realm called the totemic plane is another destination of the etheric body . We can go to hear totemic animal advice , We purposely lower the vibration slightly by raising heavy water energy to fall into the realm below the earth and into the caves and tunnels of Mother Earth .” {An instance of this would be the Lost River sinkhole where flying-saucers landed.}

Mental plane, as in mental projection (“the mental body of an adept will appear like clairvoyantly after projecting from the moon stone . The face will have be recognisable but have a 'mini me ' quality because the entire projection is about half the size of the human projecting . The arms appear uselessly tucked into the flanks and the legs are missing as a vestigial wisp .” {The sun-deity is said (according to the Puran.a-s) to lack feet.}) :

various planets of ETs, such as “arcturians from Sirius ... and their planet is not in our solar system or even in our local universe . These beings are purple gray invertebrates ... .. ... There is a portal on the far left as you enter from the blue lodge side . There we found we could go to their planet to an underwater cave . We saw purple suns”. pp. 188-9 karan.a kaya (causal body) is distinct from kaya (subtle body) “the “egg like structure” of our true essence” is asserted to be “the causal body.”

causal bodies of varieties of persons (SS, p. 153)

causal body of __

is __

primitive human

transparent and iridescent like giant soap bubble”

average person

a delicately coloured shining sphere of living fire.”

enlightened person

even more luminous – shining like the sun.”

membre of 5th kingdom

a luminous fiery sphere with concentric coloured shells”

SS = Lee Bladon : The Science of Spirituality. Gardners Bks, 2007.



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