Racial Typology in Aisthetic Praedilections

Praedictions for artistic advice-giving -- by racial (skin-pigmentation) types :


artistic advice to be rendered (to other races) by members of that race : as concerning __

Negroid (uniformly dark)

hearing : music

Mongoloid (single large dark spot)

sight : shapes & colors

Caucasoid (uniformly pale)

smelling : odors

Freckled (irregularly distributed small dark speckles)

tasting : flavors

The sense of feeling (touch) -- used for massage etc. -- is largely common to all racial types, though is may be considered to have formerly been most appropriate to an extinct race (apparently, the striped race, now non-existent among humans, though as yet extant amongst various other mammalian species).

instances of aisthetic praedilection in national character -- by racial types :


national artistic capacities


drums (African Negroids)

drone-pipes (Australian Negroids)


dragon (a composite animal {and being an allusion to the mythic "Dragon-Flower"}) depictions (Chinese Mongoloids)

flower (chrysanthemum & cherry-blossom) depictions (Japanese)


perfumes & incenses (<arabian Caucasoids)


mead (Germanic)

spices (imported by Dutch ever since 16th century ChrE)

{tea sweetened with sugar (the English since the 18th century)}

{some of these are associated with bees (and with their extraction of flower-nectar) : the drone-pipes' droning is said to imitate (stimulate) humming by bees; the spices (nutmeg & cloves from the Maluku Islands) to allude to "sugar and spice and everything nice", while bees are willing to sip, and to be fed, sugared water}

rasa-ayana ('flavor-travel') : assignments of flavors to s`aktipat ('initiatory empowerments')




activation of the Kun.d.alini (because "bitter" herbs were eaten for the first Passover at the beginning of the Exodos; later during that Exodos, buried under the tent was discovered gold; and supernatural "gold" is a conveyer of Kun.d.alini, KHH p. 15)


sexual excitation at Sva-adhis.t.hana (because {to Sva-adhis.t.hana is assigned the god Varun.a, whose name may be related to [<ibri^] /lun/ 'to remain for the night'; for overnight male guests at a ho^tel, many ho^tels provide a prostitute.} The sugarcane bow is ascribed to Kama-deva the god inciting sexual desire.)


activation of internal bodily heat at Man.i-pura (because sourness is due to acidic content; acid when sufficient concentrated is felt as if burning; and fire-god Agni is assigned to Man.i-pura, site of the digestive fire jat.hara)


activation of the 3rd eye at A-jn~a (because salty water conducteth electricity; tears are salty; and tears, which became amber which when rubbed on cloth produceth static electricity, were wept by Helia for her levin-smitten brother Phaethon -- both siblings being progeny of nymph Rhode, whose sons include Tri-opas '3-Eyed', CDCM s.v. "Heliades")

KHH = Ganga Karmokar : Kundalini.

CDCM = Pierre Grimal : A Concise Dictionary of Classical Mythology.

assignments of other sense-perceptions at cakra-s




Mula-adhara (because mythic elephant's 7 trunks are noses for smelling)


Ana-ahata (because wind can be heard blowing onto a wind-instrument such as an Aiolian harp)


Vi-s`uddhi (because /s`udh-/ = Hellenic /kunth-/ as in name of goddess Kunthia Artemis, who specified the colors of her own garment, GM 22.b)

GM = Robert Graves : The Greek Myths.

[written April 25th, 2012] {that in brackets added Apr 26th}