Rainbow body (>Ja->lus)

http://www.yogichen.org/cw/cw33/bk093.html (II)

"I also in my dreams have seen my Light, my body transparent."

(stages of experience)

"you can come to the first initiation and then meditate on the Buddha body, not on the bubble. The Buddha body is inside as a bubble".

{starry bubbles, each with a human in it – Codex Borgia, p. 37, lower}

"red bodhi"

{red-thorax being (wearing crocodile-skin) -- Codex Borgia, p. 35, lower right}

"white bodhi

{white bundle -- Codex Borgia, p. 36}

"mountains ... dissolve into light." {in Radha-swami, visionary light is said to be accompanied by deity-music}

{god in eared temple tweeting bird-song and playing musical instrument -- Codex Borgia, p. 37, upper left}

"Second, through deep breathing and tummo, the essential body called the wisdom body is formed and this body has the function of preventing other births. This takes place through the second initiation. This wisdom body is formed by the red bodhi and white bodhi, the energy and breathing and wisdom".

"For the third stage: In this wisdom body, the practitioner still has his small bija, HUM or HRI or SHEY. When you practice, all the Universe shines light and all the mountains, rivers, and all phenomenal things dissolve into light. This light comes into the gross body, and the gross body comes to the Wisdom Body".

"The bija of wisdom body must become like a small hair and this bija must dissolve completely into the Dharmakaya. Then you have the so called Dharma Body.

{"small hair" = (perhaps) fire-breathing serpent -- Codex Borgia, p. 37, lower centre}

... The rainbow is in the sky, so first you must get to that place and become like a rainbow and then shine out your Rainbow Body.

This is the Course.

First, develop the common bubble body.


Second, the flesh body called Samaya body.

{canine-headed standing on platform -- Codex Borgia, p. 37, lower centre}

Third is the Wisdom body and

{red-and-white pantalooned goddess looking upward -- Codex Borgia, p. 37, upper centre}

Fourth, the Samadhi body." {otherwise known as the Dharma (‘Law’) body}

{a severed black shank (including foot) -- Codex Borgia, p. 37, upper centre} {cf. the Plains Apache "Blackfeet Dancing Society", responsible "to police the buffalo hunt." (PTE, p. 152)}

PTE = Kay Parker Schweinfurth : Prayer on Top of the Earth. U Pr of CO, Boulder, 2002.

(meridian & gtum-mo)

"the median nerve is the supporter of the whole body. This means all the bones will dissolve into it. ...

{skeletal being fastened to tree floating in pool (containing solvent liquid?) – Codex Borgia, p. 38, lower left}

Actually in the third initiation, the meditator not only uses himself, but the tummo to dissolve everything, to transform it with fire; like in cooking, to make something soft fire is the very important thing. In the male the tummo is less and the nectar is more; in the female, the tummo is more but the nectar is less. That is why there is the third initiation in which the male and female help each other, to exchange tummo and nectar to make transformation possible."

{old man and old woman bringing maize-offerings – Codex Borgia, p. 38}

(transmutation of physiology)

"The first chakra corresponds to the brain and nervous system. You practice with ... the tummo to transform all this nervous system so it dissolves into this chakra in the head."

{smoke (and heat) emerging from top of head of "Stripe Eye" – Codex Borgia, p. 38, lower right}

"then we have the Rainbow Body."

{rainbow-serpent in crenellated ring -- Codex Borgia, p. 38}

This "bubble body" / "bubble" wherein one may travel is described by Carlos Castan~eda (praesumably following esoteric Taoist sources) as "green" : it is the green rainbow-surrounded "throne" of the Apokalupsis of Ioannes 4:3. This is usually sphairical, but when its rainbow array is not visible it may appear as an oblate sphairoid ("flying saucer").