Major Social Issues of Controversy in Metaphysics

I. Materialism

II. Monotheism

III. Teleology

Each of these issues is to be dealt with from a pragmatic standpoint; so ascertain whether each or any be derived form, and/or be set up in order to promote, Social Hypocrisy, whether accompanied or unaccompanied by crippling effects of Social Hypocrisy on Public Ethics.

The extreme form of Materialism which is insistent that physical material is not in-and-of itself conscious, nor therefore a possible source of consciousness; and which is also insistent that physical material is the only substance which can exist, is necessarily in denial of the possibility of the existence of any-and-all consciousness, explaining away any sensation of consciousness as a delusion -- this form of materialism (which is the orthodox metaphysics taught [as commanded by the ruling-class of ploutokrats in the capitalist re'gimes] in all accredited universities [in such capitalist re'gimes]) -- must be characterized (because in defiant denial of all human and other creaturely experience is this regard) as an extreme of hypocrisy, of Socially-based [insofar as it is praevalent purely because it is artificially imposed by each ploutokratic ruling-class] Hypocrisy in particular. (That Public Hypocrisy is thoroughly characteristic of all aspects of Ploutokrat-ruled political states is one of the most well-known facts of social science, but seldom openly discussed outside of avowedly anarchist/communist/socialist circles.)

A professing of faith in the metaphysical doctrine that any sensation of consciousness is merely a delusion [parallel with many metaphors for this supposition -- e.g., a faith that inability to see the emperor's new clothes must be a sign of delusion] is one of the articles of faith required by the ploutokratic ruling-class out of any person who is seeking to become (and required to be continued in after becoming) an agent-appointee hireling of the ruling-class, for any official to be dealing intimately with the general public -- whether university-professor, politician, religious-ministre, or whatever. (Despite an alleged "separation of church and state", this confession-of-faith is required aequally out of politician and religious-ministre in all mainline religions alike -- because the same ploutokratic ruling-class [consisting entirely of billionaires] is in financial [and therefore de-facto] control of both politics and religion alike in every capitalist nation.)

The Monotheism in its extreme form which is insistent that a single deity must dominate all regions of the universe (with no other similar henokrateia dominating any other region of the universe), and that multi-deity councils do not ruled over any other region or regions -- is evidently a propaganda-piece intended to favor political tyranny in the material world, and to denounce demokrateia as irreligious. (Classical history of antiquity is a witness to this : the praevalent monotheism of that epoch was Zaratustrianism, which promoted -- and even more tellingly, was promoted by -- the autokratic Akhaimenian Empire; whereas the Hellenic demokratic political states were all polytheistic.) Learning from the calamitous effects of monotheism on the state of Persia, therefore in the Roman Republic, tyranny (rule by a single person) was evaded, and a government-by-triumvirate was instead adopted -- so that to rendre acceptable to the general public the worldly government-by-triumvirate, a corresponding religious Holy-Trinity was devised : the Holy-Trinity seemingly invented by collusion among the Diadokhoi military-generals-become-royalty, with a set of gods Zeus-Hermes-Apollon who soon became known by their Neo-platonic titles "God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost". (In >islam this Holy-Trinity is commonly cited as />al-Lahh, >, >

Unlike Materialism and Monotheism, Teleology is not a vicious system of Social Hypocrisy brutally imposed on human society by a ruling-class of devious Ploutokrats, but rather is a beneficent principle denied, resisted, and combatted by the military-minded Ploutokrats. For, Teleology is the science of Social Purpose, resisted by socially-destructive Ploutokrats; the Social Purpose being to increase the feasibilities for widespread study of metaphysics (including Social Ethics) by progressive advances in technology. The Ploutokrats admit to bankrupcy of their system (capitalism) by rejecting Social Purpose -- the only purpose which the Ploutokrats admit being a self-destructive (and therefore a self-contradictory) one, namely massive annihilation of life on this planet (by means atomic bombs supplemented by military robots), to be undertaken for the amusement of, and at the whim of, the bloated appetites of jaded Ploutokrat-multibillionaires.