Tunnels into the Sub-Planes-of-Existence

Entrances to the Tunnels into the Sub-Planes-of-Existence; Their Divine Denizens

Robert Bruce hath described his reconnoitring a set of sub-planes. These stood stacked as if and series of shelves, and on approaching (from above) such a shelf, it was seen to be a wide land checkered with lines as at mutual right-angles : at each meeting-site of 4 such horizontal lines were 4 entrances into subterranean tunnels -- thus similar in appearance to a Yucatec-Maya /Lam[b]at/ hieroglyph.

S^iyr ha-S^iyriym Targuwm 8:5 :

"when the dead shall live, the mount of Olives shall be cleaved asunder, and all the dead of Israel shall come out from under it; yea, even the righteous, which die in captivity, shall pass through subterraneous caverns, and come from under the mount of Olives.''

This passage is cited in Joshua Podro & Robert Graves : The Nazarene Gospel Restored as the impending reason retirement of Iesous (Yes^uw) with his 12 disciples to the Garden of Geth-semane ('express-oil' /gat-s^emen/) on the Mt of Olives.

The word employed in the <ibriy text is Strong's 1234 [note the numeric sequential!] /baqa</ 'make a breach, cleave asunder, rend asunder', and Strong's 1237 /biq<ah/ 'wide valley between mountain-ranges'. The etymology of this is /b-/ 'in, by means of' + Strong's 7085 /qa<qa</ 'incision' and also /Qowa</ 'name of region betwixt >akkad and <eylam; and in Abyssinia'. Cf. <arabiy /buq<ah/ 'site, plot of ground, spot of the earth' (DMWA, p. 84a), perhaps from /qa<qa<a/ 'to clatter, to clank' (DMWA, p. 913b) and /qa<qa</ (or /qu<qu</) 'magpie' (ibid., p. 914a). Because in Cheyenne myth, magpie is winner of a race by primordial animals "around a mountain" ("HBHB"), and because in Lakota myth such a "'Big Racetrack' ... In the ‘first sunrise of time’" is the explanation for a geological site's profusion of animal-fossils ("P-NDF", p. 258a); therefore this sort of Biblical prophecy-reference is likely to be concerning some (perhaps praedicted-future) geological event.

"This is sometimes represented as [Judah Zabarah apud Pocock. Not. Miscell. p. 119. ] ... at the time of the rolling through the caverns of the earth, ... of no other than of the bone "luz", out of which the whole body will spring" : such "luwz" ('almond', alluding to the mnowrah), namely ("GULB") "the "vapor of the bones" ... inner aspect remains within the residue of the bones, while the outer aspect hovers over the bones" in the guise of the nepes^ ('appetitive-soul') which "mourns over him [>iyowb 14:22]." This luwz-bone is entailed in revivification of corpse by means of (Ys^a<yah 26:19) "a dew of lights" (/t.al >owrot/); for, in Siksika (Blackfoot) myth, from ("OBD") "a little bit of bone", Magpie revivified, "under the blanket", the man's soul brought "back to the land of the living."

These tunnel-entrances described by Robert Bruce are into the tunnels described by Carlos Castan~eda (from a Chinese or perhaps Manchurian source) in his The Art of Dreaming, as traveled through swiftly, and connecting undergroundly with caverns inhabited by divinities of several species, mutually differing in having the shapes of the several Archimedean solids.

These divine entities would naturally travel by rolling, as in the description in Kimh.iy : Peruws^ {'Commentary'} in Yh.ezeqe>l xxxvii:12 :

"those without the land shall come up out of their graves; and ... they shall come out of their graves to the land of Israel {Yis`ra<->el} by rolling, and by the way of the caverns ...; ... and the mount of Olives shall cleave in the midst thereof toward the east and toward the west; [and there shall be] a very great valley, and half of the mountain shall remove toward the north, and half of it toward the south; and this valley will be made by cleaving and removing the mountain in this manner, to hold the dead together when raised; and this is thought by some to be the same with the valley of Jehoshaphat {Yhow-s^apat.}, called the valley of decision [Yow>el 3:2, 3:12, 3:14]." (GEB on Zkaryah 14:4)

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[written Febr 2016]