Gendres of Sub-atomic Particles

thesis : that nucleons are feminine, electrons are masculine

nucleons are massive (mass = difficulty in acquiring speed, ease in maintaining it)

females are, by nature, conservative (conservatism = difficulty in accepting novelty, ease in adhaering to anything after acceptance of it)

nucleons are mutually attractive (conglomerating to form a nucleus)

females form social cliques : there is "herd of females" (MS)

electron are mutually repulsive, maintaining wide spacings between them

males fight each other thus keeping apart, for "A male must hold a territory" (SP)

upon nucleons magnetism is dependent (the most magnetizable metal being iron, which is unique in being the heaviest element formable through nuclear-fusion processes; specific desirable types of magnets are forged by alloying the iron with other paramagnetic metals)

females are naturally attractive in physical appearance (with Negresses being most inclined, among females of human races, to promote sexual behavior; specific behaviors may be further promoted by alloying, i.e. melding, females of other human races into the Negresses’ social networks)

magnetic force is sustained along lines-of-force

female bees (i.e., worker-bees) make "bees-lines" in travel by flight

magnetic lines-of-force are expelled out of the physical substance which is their source (particularly in superconductivity, with its resistanceless current-flow)

behavior of bees is a model for non-bees (especially for human cultures, as in antient Kemet -- lower Aegypt – supremely conducive to civilization, with its resistanceless social class-structure, expelling non-conformity)

superconductive electrical currents can be maintained through insulation of their medium of flow

antient Aegyptian culture perpetuated itself by means of geographic isolation (deserts being on both sides of the country)

MS =

SP =

metals as deities of Hellenic mythography

the metal best conductive for electrical current-flow is gold

antient Kemet was (beginning in the Ptolemai:c era) the source of al-chemy, devoted to gold

gold is also noted for its conduction of heat

al-chemy historically hath been an impetus conducive for development of chemistry

gold is likewise noted by its glitter, on account of its inability to form chemical compounds

al-chemy promoted pacifism even without political alliances (through diverting the attention of royalty to gold, instead of war)

somewhat like gold (and even more massive), lead is a poison;

the so-called "Golden Age" (of myth) was [according to Hesiodos etc.] dominated by Kronos, god of lead, who perished miserably;

lead added to is often blended into gas-o-line --- the engine’s internal combustion of gas-o-line (product of the refinery) being dependent on

the era of Kronos was praeceded by that of Ouranos (‘sky’, denoting a caelestial refinement of manners)

sparking by spark-plugs having a gap

the era of Ouranos was added to the praeceding one, of Khaos (‘yawn’ or ‘gap’)

less harmful than lead is tin :

Kronos was supplanted by Zeus, god of tin;

tin is good for plating iron cans used as hermetically sealed containers for food

Zeus was father of Ares, the god of iron, who was imprisoned (by the sons of Aloios) within a container made of bronze (bronze being a alloy of tin and

Copper is a cheap metal (used as pennies).

copper). Copper is the metal of Aphrodite, goddess of (personifying) cheap whores.

Made of a copper winding around an iron core, an electrical transformer is able to convert current.

Aphrodite (according to the Odusseid) committed adultery with Ares. The husband (according to the same poe:m) of Aphrodite was the metallurgist-smith Hephaistos, of crippled legs – his lameness resembling that of In~igo Loyola, who converted from a soldier into a monk.

The current changed by a transformer is alternating.

Aphrodite produced, with Hermes, as offspring Hermaphroditos, who is one person of both sexes.

Alternating current, with its impedance, is necessary for communications by way of radio.

Hermes is messenger (communications professional) amongst the deities of Olumpos.