TL-MRJ account of Subtle Bodies

While, upon death, the material body is in the process of sublimating (to leave behind only hair and finger- and toe-nails), a rainbow is witnessed hovering above the aedifice wherein this transmutation is in process. When process is completed, the iridescent causal body (Bodish \>ja> lus\ 'rainbow body') is formed : such may appear to disciples in order to continuate the process of their empowerment.

Such rainbow may be a vertical-plane cross-section of a dome : such dome being the upper section of the H^LJBJ-t ('parasol'); while the Manikhaian "column of glory" streaming upward from the sublimating material body may be described as such parasol's handle.

This H^LJBJ-t was not known in the Old Kingdom; it must have originated with the invention of the parasol in the New Kingdom -- though there was earlier the word \H^LJB-t\, 'shadow' (certain deities being known to exist as "shadows" -- EHD1) [written 24 June 2018], cognate with <arabiy \h^ilb\ 'fingernail, claw, talon' (DMWA, p. 293a) [which may well related to the Bodish instances of fingernails as residues from rainbowed sublimation of the material body], and possibly cognate [because the 2nd \l\ in its \-ll-\ is some other, assimilated, consonant, possibly \bh\] with Skt \khalla\ 'a little case or cap formed by rolling up paper &c.' (M-W:S-ED), which may refer to how (cf. Apokalupsis of Ioannes 6:14) "'The heavens shall be rolled up as a scroll ' ... And the end of the scroll before it is rolled up? ... Moses goes up the mountain {Pisgah ('contemplation')} to catch his first glimpse of the Promised Land" (JC:BM, day. 283). When he glimpsed (LB, p. 490) the Promised Land on ((LB, p. 488) "the sixth of Adar" (month named for "Basque adar 'corn', with Old-Irish adarc, with the same meaning" : I-ESH, p. 141), Moys^eh [LB, p. 488] "completed writing the scrolls ... . The most excellent among the thirteen scrolls {an allusion to the 13 heavens of Aztec cosmology, cf. the 13 places where Maya God "B" is found} was fetched by Gabriel", whose shout (accompanying trump-heralding) is thus praefigured. (He is similar to Heimdall heralding the advent of Ragnaro,k at the Rainbow Bridge.) The inditement of 13 scrolls by Moys^eh would tend to indicate his aequivalence to the Maya monkey-god as writer (also in the 1001 Nights), and likewise to the Chinese Monkey who reporteth in Heaven to the Pearly Emperor, who is likely aequivalent to Yhows^uw<a, for whom is fetched "a crown of pearls" (LB, p. 488), so that the word of him of lunar countenance [pearl being the substance of the moon in Bharatiya symbolism] "matched like the pearls in a royal crown." (LB, p. 489)

{26 June 2018 [written after writting the similar remarks in the section (infra) for 26 June] -- May I remark after looking at and contemplating this final phrase for some time, then suddenly I noticed that the letter \m\ had replaced the \n\? -- as must have been re-written by some praeternatural entity, perhaps to indicate the "imvention" as relating to the word Kingdom (as in the expression "not until Kingdom come!"). The substitution of \im\ can be expected to refer to \JJM\ 'sea', for therein dwell the starfishes whence the 5-pointed stars covering the ceilings of so many TL-MRJ tombs (as if intended to depict "the waters which are above the firmament").}

Derived from the verb \S<H^\ 'transfigure' (D:"HE--s".), S<H^W "is the transfigured self, the metamorphosed being emergent from the chrysalis state." (DIWSS, p. 168) [If so, this would be the psukhe, regarded by modern Hellenes (and perhaps already known in antiquity to some non-literate Hellenic nation, such as Epeirot-) as a butterfly. And because the shell of the chrysalis would be likely to repraesent the peri-spirit. While a person is alive in the material body, closely coating that body may appear a praeternatural luminous armor called in U-mbanda the peri-spirit. The perispirit-associated aitheric body (whereof the do:ppelganger is a deity-possessed aspect) would be denoted (particularly in its post-mortem guise) by the praeternatural butterfly. [The semi-closed attic above the tomb-chamber in a 5th-dynasty pyramid was occupied by moths, who must have been kept fed with food-offerings (praesumably of honey) placed particularly for them in that chamber. This placement of food-offerings would have been maintained only before the tomb was sealed, which happened immediately after entombment of the mummy.

The 5th-dynasty non-extant (because not carven on the walls of the tomb-chamber) aequivalent to the well-known extant 6th-dynasty "Pyramid Texts" must have been very different if it glorified a monarch resurrected-in-soul as a butterfly instead of as a bird.] {May I remark after looking at and contemplating this final phrase for some time, then suddenly I noticed that the letter \f\ was missing? -- must have been erased by backspacing by some praeternatural entity, perhaps to indicate that the horned-viper (instead of the later-venerated cobra) was (alike to the "butterly") an important deity in 5th-dynasty theology.} {I had been steaming a sweet potato while I was typing this. The 1st time that the cooking-water exhausted, I was surprised that the cook-spiral was not redhot, since I had left it turned up to "8"; and the 2nd time that the cooking-water exhausted, I was again surprised, this time that the cook-spiral was redhot, since I had left it turned down to "5" (-- never had either such anomaly occurred to me before at any time in my life, or at any rate not in the last few years). The heating-resistor must have been controlled by some praeternatural entity, perhaps to indicate that the sweet-potato guardian-deity (proto-Polynesian *Lono 'sound', cf. the "sound-current" of Radha-Swamin : perhaps inducing my frequent synaisthetic experience of waking-world sound transmuted into a hypn-agogic blotch of white-light, while I am falling asleep at the SocOfFr Sunday meditation-session) of the divine rainbow. If so, this may have been a token of agreement with my having written (2 days ago, after returning from the Sunday meditation-session) about the post-mortem attainment unto the rainbow-body. [Incidentally, this double anomaly is reminiscent of my frequent experience (in my apartment's kitchen adjoining the curtained occult-book room, whence I used to hear a male spirit-voice speaking to me, at 1116 Barry in Ch, IL, before the nAM-vIET war's termination), namely my experiencing the red-hot heating-coil of my toaster's vibrating in exact accordance with the activity of my thoughts.]}[written 26 June 2018]

The S<H.W is "the ethereal, intangible, transparent and translucent body, which was ... to" "separate from the dead body" ... "turning ... into gold." (DIWSS, p. 169) If so, it might be that which is issuing forth from the chrysalis (\khruse\ 'gold'). [written 26 June 2018]

"Sometimes the hieroglyph for [S<H^W] appears as the tanned panther {i.e., leopard} skin worn by the high priest" (DIWSS, p. 168). This pelt would be aequivalent (more-of-less) to the wolfskin as perispirit which may be donned by a subtle (specifically, aitheric) body while transmuting into a bestial (i.e., werewolf) guise.

[written 26 June 2018]

The mention (DIWSS, p. 168) of possibility (according to the Book of Coming Forth By Day) of severance of various bodily membres is muchly-allusive of typical initiation (by divine entities, in a dream) into the miraculously healing powers of Siberian shamanry. After being dismembred, the limbs may be cooked in a cauldron, or the flesh devoured off from the bones by wild beasts, leaving only bare bones : whereupon the bones are re-articulated, grow upon them new flesh, and the shaman thus made. Thus, with such skeletal interlude the "Dance of Skeletons" (skeletal deities, a couple together, male Citi-pati and female Citi-patni = male Mictlan-tecuhtli and female Mictan-cacihuatl) is relatable. Among other couples, the Shan-tung Taoist couple seated back-to-back, inducing Kun.d.alini to ascend their spinal columns, may be pertinent : as must be the Osirian DD (cognate with \D.awiDa\ languages in Daks.ina-patha) 'spinal column'.

[written 26 June 2018]

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