The Metaphysical Cosmic Causation as to Why there Is Suffering, Oppressive Exploitation, War, and Other Systematic Malfeasance in Socio-Oikonomic Affairs on a Planet-Wide Scale among Mortal Humans – and How to Remedy This

At the outset, it must be emphasized that the usual explanations (psychological, historical, etc.) are drastically misguided – it is not on account of any sort of humans actions nor activities that socio-oikonomic/political malfeasance is based, nor it is caused by, nor due to, any manner of attitudes of humans toward one another in any regard.

Instead, it is caused by persistent human neglect to understand the basic nature of physical matter and of physical matter's relation to non-physical substance (i.e., to aisthetic and spiritual realities). The basic nature of physical matter is (1st) that it is entirely as conscious, sentient, and as intelligent as humans; and that it is far better organized socially and governmentally than is any sort of human society; (2nd) that it (physical matter) is highly situated in regard to possession of psychic powers (such as telepathy, so that it is able easily to read humans' minds and to communicate such information to its countreparts in distant regions of the universe); and (3rd) that it (physical matter) is highly sensitive in the way of dignity and protocol to humans' lack of understanding of this metaphysical cosmic (universe-wide) situation.

The manifest suffering, oppressive exploitation, war, and other systematic malfeasance praevalent on a planet-wide political and govermental scale can be easily explained as the punishment inflicted (by way of using human governments and corporations as the punishers) on humankind by the combined effort of all physical matter in the universe, on account of humankind's exceedingly insulting attitude of failing to recognize the consciousness, sentience, and intelligence of all physical matter; and even more insultingly, for humankind to fail to recognize the the paramount psychic powers inhaerent in all physical matter. The longer that human societies fail to make this recognition, the worse humankind's plight must become; but upon any adequate recognition by any official human goverments, humanity will be immediately relieved of all suffering, oppressive exploitation, war, and other systematic malfeasance inflicted by human governments and corporations (this change for the better being most easily performed by hypnotic suggestion by universal physical matter).

Of course, such official recognition by human societies must entail complete alteration of official human philosophies and religions, not to mention consequent alteration of human socio-oikonomic structures. Laboratory research in physics, mechanics, electronics, and chemistry will longer be as necessary, for any actually useful information along such lines may be freely supplied to humans (by way of telepathy) by the physical matter itself. Furthermore, just as the intelligence and psychic powers reside in physical matter in much a similar way as mind-spirit-soul is able to reside in human bodies, and as by telepathic blending of thought and of identities the intelligence-principle in matter is able with ease to traverse the universe, shifting its conceptual self-identity readily and instantly to anywhere in the universe; so in like manner (with assistance from the intelligence-principle in universal physical matter) humans will themselves (promptly after officially recognizing the intelligence inhaerent physical matter) be able to shift their own identity-principle (mind-spirit-soul) distantly across the universe, without dying (and without even necessarily dreaming), to exchange physical bodies with willing humanoids in remote galaxies (as easily as persons can exchange use of their clothing, vehicles, or houses). With no necessary death, nor sickness, nor injury, nor poverty; with no lack of information nor understanding of anything whether nigh or distant, humans will easily possess greater powers than they have assigned to deities in traditional mythologies.

Now, it must be noticed that not all persons living on this planet as of the praesent would be pleased with such an improvement. Nay, there exist persons of such ill-will on this planet that they would do all within their power to obstruct any such improvement from ever occurring – such are, e.g., filthy-rich military-weapons-manufacturers who are involved in such a maleficent business because they so delight in inflicting woe and misery on mortals than they would be ferociously enraged at any plan to put an end to suffering and oppression on this planet. Indeed, they would not haesitate to murder immediately anyone who is effectively engaged in promoting this plan (of inducing official governmental agencies to assert a stated willingness to communicate on a diplomatic level with the universal intelligence-principle of physical existence). Indeed, the danger of being murdered is so great that it would be foolhardy to promote the plan publicly.

Lest anyone wondre why the sentient physical matter itself is reluctant to inititate communications with humans : that would be in violation of the Prime Directive, for it would be affording to those with whom it would communicate (i.e., authorized repraesentatives of human governments) such a technological and social advance as would utterly alter human society (which is forbidden to do unilaterally, as per the Prime Directive).

[written Febr 23rd Satur 2013]