Communistic Program for Revolutionary Insurrection Under Supernatural Immortal Guidance, Against Capitalist Earthling Governments of Wretched Mortals

A program such as this is expected (out of potential intergalactic travelers aboard supraluminal spacecraft furnished by governments of divine immortals), and can function as a passport for mortals' venturing (aboard supraluminal spacecraft furnished by governments of divine immortals) among the august realms of the pure (non-composite -- not so composite as is the material universe --, and therefore indestructible) existences : for, each of the pure subtle universes (astral; mental; and causal) must require an explicit plan for definite behaviour on the part of a tourist who is in process while visiting subtle countreparts of planetary -- or even transcendentally inhabited interiors of stars, of quasars, and of great-attractors -- governmental headquarters in order to acquire the socially appropriate (in terms of societies of animal-spirits, of plant-spirits, and of elemental-spirits) credentials for assisting in the arrival of the vast armadas of flying-saucers and of mother-ships necessary to seize control (as authorized by the universewide governments headquartered each at the centre of a pure universe) of this material-plane planet from the illegitimate governments forcibly imposed (on the harassed working-class, abiding in material bodies) by the mortal class-enemy (a class-enemy dominated by a fanatic craving to massacre all living beings by means of nuclear bombs combined with military robots).

For mortals to be taken aboard intergalactic-voyaging supraluminal spacecraft, such a plan must be proposed for their intentful activities in the pure realms when arriving there : part of the plan must conduce to setting up the necessary insurrectionary organizations amongst animal-spirits, of plant-spirits, and of elemental-spirits abiding in material bodies (which bodies serve as locations of portals between material and immaterial planes-of-existence), and part of plan must conduce to subversive covert assistance (by means of organizations of such spirits) to the flying-saucers directing tractor-beams to pull the souls of trillionaire military weapon-manufacturers out of their material bodies (separating, in the process, astral, mental, and causal bodies) for confinement (in containers similar to ionic-plasma bottles for confining thermonuclear energies) and transport to some appropriate planetary system where technology is on a level more suited to their abilities and their needs (viz., where they can harass the working-class there instead of on this planet, until they become so dangerous there that they must again -- and again -- be transferred to another planetary system). Therefore, much of one's intergalactic visit must entail communicating (talking) with the animals and with the plants there (for, in the pure-realms, all living beings speak readily in the language of the visitor, just as they can in any dream); requaesting that they, through their species-governments (which must be consulted officially) set up agencies (on the mortal visitor's home-planet in the material universe) for advising the home-planet species-spirits concerning the parts which they must play in the forthcoming planetwide insurrection against the class-enemy (and thereafter).

When an all-species (also inclusive of the elemental-spirits) planetwide overturning (of an obsolescent oikonomic system [capitalism] which hath been tolerated for so many millennia) is to be put into effect, it is necessary beforehand to obtain leave from the divinities abiding within the nighest great-attractor (toward which the arrow is pointing, the direction of constellation Kentauros); then those divinities transmit to the mortal appellant's home-galaxy divinities (in the home-galaxy's centre, its quasar) the requisite authorization for the forthcoming instatement of the new oikonomic system [socialism] on the designated planet.

Praeliminary, however, to such transmittal of authorization, the mortal appellant must, in such formal appeal for remedy, legally define (1) great-attractors (and also quasars) generally, and (2) the position of the local great-attractor in the universe. One of the elements necessary to such description must be the exceptional status of such in commonly and frequently releasing itself from the constraints of so-called "laws" of physics (as commonly assumed by deluded materialists). [Even on the galactic level, violation of such "laws" is ordinary, as, e.g., in the case of a barred-galaxy (of which the local galaxy is believed to be an instance), which must have suddenly and abruptly divested itself of its angular momentum (rotation), an event which could have occurred only at the will of divinities controlling it.] Since it is evident that quasars (so-called "black holes") do not collapse into nothingness by means of sheer gravitation, it can be shewn that there must be therewithin countre-balancing forces : i.e., layers of anti-gravitation, which, being regulated by negative energy, would be manipulable through the same means as regulate telepathy (thought-transference) over international, interplanetary, interstellar, and intergalactic distances -- means known also to mortals who telepathize with the crews of scout-ship ventlas. And, since it is evident that great-attractors do not actually pull multitudes of galaxies (nor any galaxies at all, for that matter) into themselves, it can be shewn that their internal mechanisms for manipulating negative energies are able to function in such a manner as to negate all their mass suddenly and abruptly by vanishing from any particular location, and re-appearing in some distant location whereat there is no immediate possibility pulling in galaxies.

The most cogent means whereby a material object having the mass of thousands of galaxies can suddenly hop many millions of light-years away, would be for the restraint which is inhibiting the movement to be undone, and re-emplaced only when the hop is complete. This restraint is, of course, the paralysis induced by too-tight interweaving (constituting the materiality of material objects) of the strands (gun.a-s) of the distinct subtle planes-of-existence. Such necessary temporary dissociation of subtle plane-strands could be achieved by separation of the component force-fields of the negative energies, by employment of the constitutive codes defining the logical necessity of universal consciousness.

[written April 7, 2015]