Compraehensive Synthesis of All Praeternatural, and of All Supernatural, Modes of Activities, of Contacts, and of Communications, for Achievement of Attainment of Abilities and of Capacities of One's Own (Divinely Induced, Divinely Arranged, Divinely Constructed, and Divinely Maintained) Subtle, Sublime, and Transcendent Bodies in Plane-of-Existences (and in their Sub-planes) Over and Above and Beyond a mere Existence in-and-of the Material Plane

0. Praeamble : Nomenclature.

I. Commonplace Fallacies of Erroneous Theologies and of Erroneous Metaphysics : their Deleterious Results; with Indication of Available Remedies against such Errors.

II. Ways and Means for Entertaining and thereby Pleasing of Deities : Both in Public (and in Private) Performances while in the Material Place -- and which could impliedly be continuated in Performances and in Activities in Planes-of-Existence beyond the Material Plane.

III. The Major Modes of Transcendence beyond the Material Plane, with Catalogue of Benefits Obtainable thus.


Uniform Nomenclature and Terminology, for Describing the Subtle, the Sublime, and the Transcendent; with List of Reasons Advantages in such Uniformity.

Variations in nomenclatures and in terminologies may indicate or reflect distinctions in emphases or in implied function, purposes, or motivations. An instance of such distinction may be the difference between referring to "planes-of-existence" as in contradistinction to "states-of-consciousness" : here, the term "planes-of-existence" would tend to have an impliedly more distinctive reference than the term "states-of-consciousness", where "states-of-consciousness" may simply refer to locally indistinct and temporarily inchoate transitions between, or among, states-of-consciousness. Such a transition may instead be incomplete due to several failings, such as neglect to have obtained needed assistance from experts -- at first from mortal experts, and afterwards, after having been proprely introduced by such to the appropriate immortals, from one's appointed-and-designated divine spirit-guide (conductor through the dream-world), who can thereupon recruit the needed spirit-helpers for further activities in such world.

Dreaming may be referred to as a "state-of-consciousness" or as a "plane-of-existence", with "focus" (a favorite word with Robert Monroe) tending to apply more to the term "state-of-consciousness"; in distinction from "sub-plane" (a term favorite with Robert Bruce) tending to apply to navigational levels stacked within a particular plane-of-existence.

The term "dreaming" is often restricted to situations largely (or essentially) lacking the overt over-all manifestation of the divine reality : such lack being indicated by sparcity of, e.g., glowing persons, transparent-bodied persons, or more generally, of lack of the same in one's own dream-body and(/or) in the dream-scenery noticeable. If and when the persons-and-scenery do assume luminous or(/and) transparent aspect, then such a term "heaven" or like would be more selected as applicable than the term "dream"; though, of course, a composite term (such as "heaven-dream") may as well be used.

The terminology employed by the mortal dreamer during the dream (in addressing luminous or transparent-bodied persons in the dream) may be carried into accounts of the same experience written or spoken after awaking from such a dream : so that if the mortal dreamer is addressing a luminous or transparent personage in the dream by the vocative expression "O! thou deity" ("O! thou god" or "O! thou goddess") while the dream be in progress, and is in receipt of acknowledgement (during the dream) of such address, then the nmortal dreamer would have, after awakening, a true right to continue the same terminology -- but neglect to do so during the dreaming would eliminate a right to use such terminology in describing such after awaking. Another critical point may be whether during the duration of a "false awakening" (dreaming of awakening), there be a necessity to allude to the dream just falsely awoken from, and if so, by what terminology : for, such (allusion or non-allusion) may influence possible sequence of further false-awakenings and any consequence in later dreaming or in later communication with the dream-world while awake.


These may include monotheism (derived from, and resultant in further, material-world monarchy), capitalism (based on greed-maddened anti-social oppression of the general populace by a tiny minority of deceitful hypocrites), and "psychiatry" (a ruling-class-promoted deceit contrived to alienate mortals from the divine dream-worlds, thus withdrawing from divine protection and rendring workers willing dupes of an exploitive and oppressive ruling class of crazed materialists).

Monotheism is an absolutist tyranny, aequivalent to government by terrorization. No monarch can be capable of understanding well the details of the realm, and would blundre constantly if it were not for somewhat competent government-ministries carrying out their functions : with monotheism, the situation is still severer, with a larger (supposed) realm, with less means of government (and no government-ministries) and fewer resources, so that constantly ongoing blundring must praedominate and in consequence a complete failure of the (alleged) system in every regard. But in fact monotheism is nothing but a complete mendacity -- it cannot and never could exist in this (nor in any other) universe, being a cheap fraud pulled by an oppressive ruling-class. Monotheism is in the same category as solipsism, a contrary-to-observation, contrary-to-fact self-delusion.


(This set of procedures is the praerequisite praeliminary to prospective achievement of the "Major Modes of Transcendence".) A minimal performance (not quite capable in and of itself of promoting actual transcendence, but merely intended as a foretaste of possibilities for entertaining of deities) would be theatrical (with actors personfying gods, and/or with actrices/actresses personifying goddesses -- all such actors and/or actrices dressed in costumes, and/or wearing masks, to designate the divinity-objects of their impersonatings), with deities invited to attend as spectators/spectatrices if they should so deign. The reasonality for the impersonating would be to indicate a ready willingness (implied on the part of actors and/or of the actrices) of mortal humans to have their bodies actually occupied-and-controlled by deities.


These include [in sequence of increasing skill on the part of a mortal, and of assistance from deities] :-

(IIIA) spirit-mediumship [this being a consequence, in the form of return-hospitality rendred by the deities who have already been ingratiated through the procedures enumerated under the heading "Entertaining and thereby Pleasing of Deities"] (including somnambulism),

(IIIB1) dreamwalking (development of "mutual dreaming" into meeting, while dreaming, with other dreaming mortals at sites designated by earlier agreement while awake),

(IIIB2a) shamanic dreaming (co-operation, during dreaming, with spirit-guide and with spirit-helpers selected by the spirit-guide),

(IIIB2b) shamanic dreaming combined with having a possessing-deity occupy-and-control one's material body while one is absent from it (so that one's material body can carry out daily task while one's self may be functioning in a subtle body in some other plane),

(IIIB3a) vacuous dreaming of hovering in space [experienced by means of certain entheogens] containing only a few disconnected or remote objects),

(IIIB3b) vacuous dreaming of speeding through virtual empty space [experienced by willing mortal travelers aboard flying saucers] containing only remote stars viewing whizzing by,

(IIIB4) ascensional dreaming (visitations to supernal divine realms inhabited sparkling, luminous, and/or transparent deities, etc. [can be on destination-planet of flying-saucer flight]),

(IIIC1) concatenated projection of successive subtle bodies (astral, mental, and causal),(IIIC2) concatenated projection of successive subtle bodies [(IIIC2a) from material body into astral body, (IIIC2b) from astral body into mental body, (IIIC2c) from mental body into causal body],

(IIIC3) becoming a possessing-spirit one's self (while projected out of one's material body, and in a subtle body occupying and controlling the body of a living being who is dwelling in the material plane), and

(IIIC4) becoming a "walk-in" (a term, largely in use among flying-saucer contactees in describing a peculiar method of incarnating without having died : of, while projected out of the material body, exchanging material bodies with another such projectee).

IIIA. SPIRIT-MEDIUMSHIP and its consequences : with degrees of potential benefits (to mortals) dependent largely on (those mortals') conceptualization of majesticness-and-augustness of the praeternatural possessing-spirits.

Herein, the potential benefits are linked also with such conceptualization which may be extended to the other Major Modes of Transcendence beyond the level of ordinary spirit-mediumship. The appropriate awe-and-reverence ought to be inculcated already on the level of ordinary spirit-mediumship, for it is likely that the inculcation instilled at that point (and earlier) will continue beyond that level to the sublimer Major Modes of Transcendence, and if inadequate already at that point is likely increasingly to vitiate (destroy beneficial results of) any further developments. The most critical aspect of this inculcation (which is to be basis of the mortal's metaphysical ideology) is achieved by means of adequate inclusion (or not) of the range of diversity of committees of deities, their functionings and networked interactions. [Persons inadequately erudite in the physical sciences are already hampred from understanding the diversity of animal-life, plant-life, minerology (for mineral-spirits), chemistry (for chemic-spirits), physics (for elemental-spirits), and astronomy (for scope of spirits on other planets, spirits within stars, spirits within quasars, etc.). Such inadequate persons are likely to include illiterates and practitioners of age-old traditional religions which have not developed appropriate modifications to match increasing historic improvements in scientific knowledge.]

IIIB. LUCID DREAMING and its consequences : with degrees of potential benefits (to mortals) dependent largely on (those mortals') conceptualization of majesticness-and-augustness of the praeternatural contents of dream-worlds.

Herein, the potential benefits are linked also with such conceptualization which may be applied to understanding of the dream-worlds. Appropriate awe-and-reverence ought to be applied in this connection, in order to earn benefits to be applied to them in the material world by divine denizens of the dream-worlds. A critical aspect of this would be for the mortal to realize the diversity of functionings of dream-worlds. [Inadequacy of realization of such range of functionings would tend to hampre and restrict achievement and accrual of benefits to such mortal as may be awarded from the dream-worlds.]

IIIC. CONCATENATED PROJECTION OF SUCCESSIVE SUBTLE BODIES and consequences : with degrees of potential benefits (to mortals) dependent largely on (those mortals') conceptualization of the function of the process on the cosmic scale. [Inadequacy of realization of the universal scale of integrated government encompassing the full range of planes-of-existence along with the sub-planes entailing such governmental bodies' mutual assistance via networked hierarchies of committees of deities, would tend to hampre and restrict achievement and accrual of benefits to such mortal as may be so engrossed.]

[written November 9th 2014]