Cosmic Telepathy amongst Categories of Deities

The main sort of work performed amongst categories of deities is their maintenance of their telepathic intercommunication networks. The type of maintenance work involved would be to keep the telepathic networks in correlation with the changing local circumstances in regard to changing nature of consciousness of the species and of the substances involved -- in regard to the guardian spirits of species which may transmigrate (by way of metempsychosis or otherwise), and in regard to the elemental spirits of the substances which may shift (whether due to movements of galaxies or otherwise).

Metempsychosis may involve not only souls of the sorts which sensibly lose memory at transmigration (such loss being termed "death", especially in such cases as the circulation of memory through the planes-of-existence be not manifest to the observor), but also souls which do not experience loss of memory during transmigrations (due to the circulation of memory -- its sourcing in other planes-of-existence and its destination to other planes-of-existence, in cyclic fashion -- remaining essentially manifest).

For residencies of elemental spirits, the aequivalent to metempsychosis would being exchanges of the local particular substance (local state-of-matter, or whatever) with the elemental spirits of sets of other such residencies; commonly due either to movement of the substantial matter itself (to other sectors of the universe on time-scales of trillions of years) or to flux of guide-waves (moving at trillions of times the velocity of light).

Differences in observation of circulation of memory through planes-of-existence on cosmic scales would be a result of differences in stability of the typology of the sort of plane-of-existence which is the regular abode of category of entity involved -- thus, at the junctions between radically different sets of planes-of-existence, instability is inhaerent in regard to observation of the circulation of memory (more instability for individual memory than for collective memory on a larger scale) among planes-of-existence. Those entities who regularly abide at such junctions are termed "mortals" (due to their "mortal mind" of being as unable to keep track of the sources and destinations of their memories in distant planes-of-existence, as they are unable to keep track of the sources and destinations their own soul-identities in metempsychosis); whereas those entities who regularly abide at in more stable regions (planes-of-existence located far away from the junctions) are termed "immortals" (because of their facility, through group-telepathy, of keeping adequate cognizance of cyclic transmigration of memory and of identity).

The junctions between radically different sets of planes-of-existence are, for groups of immortals, convenient communications-passageways (using temporarily-possessed minds of mortals as vehicles for information-exchange) to connect communicationally with other groups of immortals which are otherwise too telepathically different to be able to be approached through the usual cosmic-telepathy networks. Because of the complexities of vanishment (automatic erasure) of memory from any source when it is transmitted to destination -- analogous with the case of transfer of energy or of absence of energy -- mortals, who serve this useful function as transfer-points (for deity-groups' information-systems), must endure certain degrees of instability of their own memory-identities (viz., at transmigration between incarnations). But in compensation, mortals are granted safe conduct (both from one body to another in personal metempsychosis after death, and in projections during life in subtle bodies). Once passively involved in such information exchanges among the deities possessing them, mortals are obliged as a active duty to make an effort to understand (to a mimimal degree, whereas for deities themselves the amount of understanding expected is much greater) the meaning of the universes in terms of consciousnesses (of entities, of groups of entities, etc.) being sustained by means of the substantial praesence (observable existence) of the code-elements of the level-regions of self-aware cosmic consciousnesses (maintained by the categories of deities).

These code-elements must be the array of definitions necessary for the defining of, and thereby sustaining, the existence of consciousness. [It may be safely assumed that no particle (material or immaterial) can be in existence which is not absolutely necessary for the rigorous definition (blueprint, so to speak) of and for consciousness.] Because consciousness is of a reflexive, recursive nature (and therefore self-sustaining and self-repairing), these definitions must be capable of generating each other under an operation which itself must be necessitated for the sustaining of consciousness. All these definitions must, though logically prior to the space-coo:rdinates and to the time-coo:rdinate, must be compatible in a way which introduceth multiple 3-dimensional coo:rdinate systems (the planes-of-existence) which are mutually aequivalent under a set of operations, and which may moreover interact at junction-points among such coo:rdinate systems. Furthermore, an aequivalency along the angular polar coo:ordinate of the cyclic time-dimension must be compatible with cyclic space-dimensional transformations of finite universes under their operation of aequivalency.

[written Aug 10th Fri 2012]