Pan-chronical Cosmic Telepathy

In polar co-ordinates (as measured from the quasi-solipsist self), after the angular components, the radial component (co-ordinate) may be regarded as an aequivalent to time-distance : because whereas the angular co-ordinate may be measured by viewing nearly instantaneously, the radial co-ordinate must require a time-lapse for a signal to reach the location being observed, and to be confirmed by a return-signal. This is the circumstance insofar as the material plane (where radio-/light-beam as a signaling-medium is employed) may be concerned; but where cosmic telepathy (especially as interconnecting the universe-wide network-grid of all mutually co-operating intelligences) is concerned, then (because the telepathic connectivity is instantaneous universally) through this radial-distance to time-elapse aequivalence, the totality of all potential time is compraehended within the scope of the typical cosmic telepathy transmission-and-reception signal-sequence, i.e., within instantaneity. This is the principle of the panchronicity of cosmic telepathy : because all potential futures are compraehended within the totality of all intelligences, which are interlinked within universe-wide network-grid of all mutually co-operating intelligences, therefore the entire scope of all history (including all future history) universe-wise is contained contemporaneously within each node of such network.

Such cosmic knowledge of all potential time is manifest, howbeit, in the causal plane-of-existence; with the mental plane-of-existence mediating between that causal plane and the astral plane insofar as overt conscious actionable knowledge of the totality of all potential futurality is concerned. The function of such mediative interposition is to hinder actions involving only short-range objective from interfering with the evermore-ongoing activity of maintenance of the communicatory structure which is operable for the totality of potential time. (Such essential structure being, of course, the cosmic-telepathy network-grid itself, which is always is need to routine maintenance in the way praeventative repairs, especially of standby communications-equipment kept in the readiness on each plane-of-existence as well as at the portals and within the corridors interconnecting subplanes.)

Functions of the material plane-of-existence :- Because subtler planes-of-existence must function by means of a common concord among all such planes-of-existence, therefore they must have a meeting-ground : this common meeting-ground is known as the material plane, and is subject to (as the physics governing it, in order to provide a complete commonality among the repraesentatives of the subtler planes who are convoked into it for communicational temporary meetings) all the systems of physics governing all the subtler planes-of-existence. And because these systems of physics are actually in mutual conflict, therefore the material plane is an abode of conflicts, resultant not only in impermanence of chemical compounds in it, but also (and more distressfully) in the impermanence of memories (viz., difficulty in remembring one's praevious lives) and instability of social systems occupied by its habitual denizens (who are thus known, while they are abiding therein, as “mortals”). Mortals can, however, easily receive divine (i.e., instigated by the world-planes of immortals) guidance in matters of metaphysics; but even in mortals' learning metaphysics, however, there are difficulties as arising from differences in viewpoints (which are variantly conveyed to the inspired mortal) among the systems of metaphysical understandings as propounded in the several subtler planes-of-existence.

(These differences do not arise as such in communiques among the repraesentatives of the subtler planes during their meetings on the physical planes, because they are always transmitted with commentary by repraesentatives of the plane which was uninvolved in the two-planes-at-a-time contract-treaties for mutual actions; and are furthermore interpreted by specialists skilled along particular legal and mechanical modalities within the world-planes to which such contract-treaties apply. Only mortals, with their built-in limitations and inefficiences experience some difficulties in struggling to make out the meanings of the metaphysics conveyed to them by divine inspirations implanted into their mentalities during those mortals' visitations into the divine dream-worlds; for there are subtle mechanisms divinely operant in the divinely arranged dream-worlds whereinto mortals are drawn through means of the subtle dream-bodies temporarily vacated by walk-in deities, who consciously pass at will from dream-body to dream-body in the dream-worlds, conditioning each body before vacating it for it – the dream-body – to become the temporary residence and site-for-being-inculcated with metaphysical mysteries, for mortals who are making their rounds-of-visitation into the dream-worlds.)

Functions of prayer :- Because there are available (even to mortals) means for connecting into the universal network-grid of all mutually co-operating intelligences, therefore the prayer of beseechment ought (in an ongoing way, even after it is well-achieved, for it is evermore in need of being maintained through ongoing prayer for its maintenance) to be for divine assistance in one's fulfilling one's duty-tasks within the network-grid of all mutually co-operating intelligences. And because most of one's such duty-tasks are to be undertaken during dreaming (for in dream-worlds, more so than in the material plane, deities who are backed by a universe-wide telepathic system of mutual assistance are readily accessible) or during astral-projection or during spirit-mediumship, therefore one's prayer ought to be (even in praying while awake) be rendred in regard to such otherworldly states-of-consciousness. Do pray (even while awake) that in one's dreams one's spirit-guide will bear in mind the need to provide one's self with adequate spirit-helpers during one's dreams to assist one in introducing, into the sleeping minds of other dreamers, resolutions to trust in dream-deities for advice, both spiritual and temporal. For, certainly dream-deities, with their considerable armadas of flying-saucers, can emerge out of dream-worlds into the material plane-of-existence so as to rectify the mentalities of mortals (who witness such emergence), to recognize in the aeternality of the divinities piloting the indestructible flying-saucers, an aeternality signifying (to those mortals worthy of so witnessing) the panchronicality of the cosmic telepathy.}

[written Mar 22nd Fri 2013]

The Eath wherewith Pan-chronical Cosmic Telepathy may be Achieved

There are two fundamental aequations/formulae to be considered :-

the simplest, a statement of topological invariants necessary and sufficient for the definition of consciousness; and

the full diachronic statement (describing the status of every particle and every event throughout the universe, including all its planes-of-existence, over the entire scope of all potential time). This latter aequation/formula can be deduced from the former aequation/formula; the latter containing a variable repraesenting all potential postions in all of time – which totality of time is, of course, like everything else, necessarily finite; and in order to be finite, essentially circular, composed of interlocking circles based on the topology of interlocking alegebraic groups (“groups” in the sense of “mathematical group theory”).

Now, what these topological invariants must involve (topological because the topology is the logical basis of spatiality and likewise of temporality, so that the space-time composite must be understood from a topological basis in order that it be combined with a topological definition of consciousness) is particularly a full exposition of the conservation-principles underlying the definition of consciousness – which, for convenience, is to be treated in its universal sense of the prae-existent universe-wide telepathic grid-network of all consciousnesses – much of which is routinely functional (especially for socially malappropriate mentalities) on the subconscious level or else (especially for socially liberating mentalities) on the superconscious level. These conservation-principles must be such as to forbid any alteration in the universe taken as a whole, which would imply restriction to shifts of location within the universe of any qualities whatsoever, of which qualities the most significant would be degree of organizational structure : so that there can be no evolution nor devolution for the universe as a whole in quantity or quality of organizational structure –only movements within the universe of those quantities/qualities. (Just as whenever a person's material body may die in one location, that person's next body will come to life in another location by redincarnation; even so wherever a planetary civilization may die out in one solar system, an aequivalent planetary civilization is coming into being in another solar system; so that just as the total number of persons living in material bodies must remain always the same; even so the total number of planetary civilizations must remain constant. The radius of the universe must remain always identical; its natural processes identical; its denizens identical. For each who person is increasing in spirituality; there must be a person who is decreasing in spirituality; and likewise as for ethics, knowledge, abilities, etc. If there be advancement to residency in higher planes-of-existence; then for each entity so advancing, their must be an entity retreating to residency in lower planes-of-existence.

These are some of the conservation-principles as regarding souls-and-spirits according to spiritual science; while correlation of these conservation-principles applying to souls-and-spirits (with the conservation-principles as regarding matter-and-energy according to physical science) would rendre the invariants (aequivalent to such correlations) of the topological repraesentation of the amalgamated spiritual/physical science, as indicative of the constants and variables in the algebraic terms of the algebraic groups corresponding therewithal.

Now, the interlocking structure of such algebraic groups would correspond with the structure of the universal telepathic network-grid linking the several subtler planes-of-existence via the material plane. Obligatory (karmic) connectivity amongst transcendent societies (of immortals) are largely such that – societal and essentially featured in the decrees and decretals of such societies – so that if a mortal should seek to consort with, and obtain membership in the transcendent societies (of imperishable entities), then in order to achieve such, a propre viewpoint as concerning the operation of karmic connections must be understood. Karman is not personal (but societal, i.e., of supernal society of imperishable immortals), not a matter of any doings among mortals (but a matter of interactions among societies of deities in transcendent planes-of-existence, i.e., planes of which information/knowledge must be indirect/incomplete). It is because karman is not personal in its applicability that the most vicious of mortal dynasties is (hitherto) unhindred by karman – in order to apply karmic rules of culpability (even indirectly) to dynasties of mortals (such as the treacherous ploutokrat families in control of genocidal earthly governments), it is necessary to find their spirit-mediumship-connections with transcendent ranks of deities, and the mechanistics of machine-like workings of the gyres of cosmic time-cycles which via optional connectivities in transcendent planes-of-existence drive the ploutokrat dynasties (via their being voluntary enslaved by maddened lust for greed and for hate) to perpetrate horrendous crimes-against-humanity.

[added Mar 23rd Sat 2013]