Transcendent Juncture-Levels betwixt the Opposite Directions of Time

The Loka-s may constitute one time-direction; the Naraka-s may constitute the opposite time-direction; and the Tala-s betwixt those twain sets may constitute the reconciliatory junctures relating the twain sets of time-directions.

The Loka-s would repraesent the system of physics involving time running in the direction familiar to us (because we are said to dwell in one of these Loka-s, namely in Bhus-loka).

The system of physics stated in the Platonic metaphysics to run in the opposite time-direction from ours is that of the Earth-born deities, who commence their life with the revival of their aged corpse, then grow increasingly younger with the passing years, reaching extreme limit by entring their mother's womb ("except ye be born again ...") as an embryo amid amniotic fluid (= baptismal holy-water) -- this embryo being the perpetual form of god Naraka (a name meaning 'small human', referring to the small size of an embryo).

The Tala-s (probably really /t.ala/, cognate with <ibri / 'dew', alluding to the remaindreless evanescence of dew in sunlit daytime -- such "sunlit daytime" being a metaphor for any temperature above the rotational quantum-cohaesion level, the "Bose-Einstein condensate") would constitute the set of interrelations between the two directions of time which (by means of conservation-principles) would forbid any transgression of time beyond certain (very finite) limits. [This means of praeservation of the finitude of time would function logically in a manner more throroughly consistent than the means of doing so contrived by Kurt Go:del (and accepted by Albert Einstein).] (That time must be finite hath been promulgated as a principle of metaphysics ever since Nietzsche and Rilke.)

An advantage of having juncture-regions between time-directions would be its ability to block the transmission of messages from a region to advanced in time to a region retarded in time (which would be a case of sending messages backwards in time, a situation not definitely forbidden in the Go:del-Einstein description of differential time-directions as due to rotation of regions of the universe at above the velocity of light).

The first Tala (proceeding downward from Bhus) is A-tala; it is aequivalent to the Platonic Atlantis, said to have been divided into ten portions, a variant of the Pythagorean tetraktys, and manifested perhaps in the tenfold sets of sub-atomic particles. (The others of the Tala-s may be referred to various of the Titanes -- in particular the lowest, Patala, the place of S`es.a, corresponding to the cognate Hellenic name /Koi[h]o-/.)

The sevenfold structure of each three systems (Loka-s, Naraka-s, Tala-s) could perhaps be taken as indicating the seven planes-of-existence (known as material, astral, mental, causal, with also the three further planes above these described in the literature of the Theosophical Society).

[written Sept 9th (Sun), 2012; having been first excogitated merely a few days praeviously]