Correlation of Spatial Co-ordinates (in Polar Co-ordinate System) with Directionalizations of Time

the 2 types of grammatical subjunctives :

contrary-to-fact hypotheticals ["if __ had been the case, then __ would have resulted"]; and

conatives ["I (or another person) desire that __ become (be, in the future) the case"].

The typical

practical application of contrary-to-fact hypotheticals would be to filtering information concerning to past, so that

only certain future results can be therefrom deduced.


because our knowledge of past events is limited, therefore

our deductions about the possible future events which would result from those past events is correspondingly limited.


conatives tend to relate to

the future (rather than to the past),


[their converse] the contrary-to-fact hypotheticals tend to relate instead to the latitudes (not the longitudes)

the past (rather than to the future.

Thesis to be established :- That,

the correlatives of the time-directions which may be regarded correlating with the spatial directions (in terms of polar co-ordinates, as perceived from the position of the sentient observer) :

the contrary-to-fact hypotheticals are more readily applied to

latitude (reckoned from the axis of the observer),


conatives are more readily applied to

longitude (reckoned from the axis of the observer).

This thesis can be better (better than in the case of a non-rotating observer) be understood distinguishing the viewpoint of a rotating observer (rotating by, perhaps, being located standing or sitting at the centre of a rotating turntable), from the viewpoint of [a non-rotating but] vibrating observer :

because rotation of the sentient observer is usually essential to arriving in another plane-of-existence, and because while rotating only the latitudes (not the longitudes) remain fixed (unchanging), therefore

the latitudes (not the longitudes) tend to relate to the contrary-to-fact circumstances (which typify another plane-of-existence, the circumstances whereof differ from, and are thus contrary to, the circumstances of the plane-of-existence which is being departed out of).

On the other hand,

because vibration of the sentient observer can interact with vibrations with vibrations only within the same general frequency-range as that of the over-all plane-of-existence (which may be constituted of a collection of interacting sub-planes-of-existence), and because the frequencies of these vibrations tend to remain similar mainly on the same horizontal region (but vary muchly according to horizontal level from the earth’s centre, varying with the transmissive medium’s density and pressure), therefore

the longitudes (not the latitudes) tend to relate [not to distinct planes but] merely to sub-planes of the same plane in that commands (stated politely in conative form) are issuable within the same overall-plane-of-existence only, which is the range of command.

This distinction between rotation and vibration is of practical use to an out-of-the-material-body projector, who can travel to other planes-of-existence only if the exit-from-the-material-body was achieved by rotating within the [dream-]body; but which must remain (during that particular travel-episode) within the material plane-of-existence.

determination of destinations by choice of co-ordinate contemplated

Because contrary-to-fact hypotheticals relate to other planes-of-existence,

therefore choice of latitude (as contemplated during one’s undergoing rotation) may determine the particular plane-of-existence to be arrived at after exit-from-the-material-plane;


because conatives relate to sub-planes of the same (e.g., the material-) plane,

therefore choice of longitude (as contemplated during one’s experiencing vibration) may determine the particular sub-plane-of-existence to be arrived at after exit-from-the-material-body.

visitation to other (subtle) planes-of-existence

In order to visit sub-planes of the astral-plane, not only must exit-from-the-material-body have been achieved by rotation, but also a choice of longitude (qibla) must be made during vibration subsequently undergone, in order to select a specific sub-plane. And because the divine denizens of the tunnel-accessed netherworld-caverns of the astral subplanes expect, prior to granting access to their realms, proper protocol, there must be a prae-arranged resolution to that effect on the part of the astral-projector.

(The divine denizens of the astral-plane appear there in their geometric – cone, cylindre, or sphaire – bodies, which are mental-bodies; unlike in appearance their human-shaped bodies which they display when they are in the material-plane.)

Likewise, in order for a living mortal to visit sub-planes of the mental-plane, not only must exit-from-the-astral-body have been achieved by rotation, but also a choice of longitude (qibla) must be made during vibration subsequently undergone, in order to select a specific sub-plane.

(The mental-plane is the region briefly inhabited by the dead in their mental bodies, before return to inhabit another material body by way of incarnation – an instance of such a brief inhabitance is that witnessed by Er the son of Armenios.)

And, likewise, in order for a living mortal to obtain admission into a sub-plane of the causal-plane, a similar procedure needs must have be undergone.

(The causal plane is the region inhabited long-term by the dead in their causal bodies.)

[written Thur Febr 16th 2012]


This explanation is intended to be taken in the context of the fact of orientation of light in a gravitational field, such as the mirror-reversal on opposite sides of an axis of perpendicularity as defined in terms of the lines of forces of the gravitational field.

Rotating within one’s [dream-]body (during the initial condition of "false-awakening") is a means of achieving astral-projection. [Because in one of the Irish imrann-myths a divine cat is able to rotate within its skin, therefore there may be an implication of the process of achieving astral-projection in the self-devouring feline deity whose head in carven in bas-relief on the doors to S`aiva temples.] Because in the waking-world the direction of the lines of gravitational force is easily modified by physical rotation (as in a whirly-gig), therefore it is evident enough that appropriate modifications of gravitational directionalization are involved in shifting through the planes-of-existence in imaginally rotating within one’s dream-body.

[written Wed Febr 22nd, 2012]