How the Universal-Mutual-Telepathy Emphasis of Collectivist/ Communalist/ Communist Retention-of-Through-All-of-Lifetimes-of-Imperishable-Memory Metaphysics-System Hath Succeeded in Achieving Praedominance Amongst World-Religions Via Its Collectivist/ Communalist/ Communist Basis of Non-Hindrable Eath-Facility (Including Retention-of-Memory-Throughout-All-Lifespans) of Transcendental Embodiment-at-Will Techniques

In the scarity-based ploutokrat-class-ruled (i.e., capitalist-controlled) societies there are very much in evidence gross differences between themselves and abundance-based knowledge-ruled communistic societies : (1A) Practice of (practical understanding of) embodiment-at-will-in-various-categories-of-bodies techniques (NONE OF WHICH IS ADMITTED NOR ACKNOWLEDGED BY ANY GOVERNMENTAL FACILITY), and (1B) non-practice (non-understanding of) the same (WHICH IS ALWAYS CHARACTERISTIC OF ALL GOVERNMENTAL FACILITIES). [Governmental facilities prominently include the universities (including the "private", e.g., the Ivy League, ones, which, alike to the official state-universities, are all tightly controlled by the ploutokrat (capitalist) class. In no such major university is embodiment-at-will taught nor published about in any particularly distinctive mode nor fashion, nor in any adequately detailed way (only, perhaps, in a few quite brief and vague mentions in anthropology literature) -- but instead the ploutokrat governments mount an intense campaign to deny ("debunk") the possibility of embodiment-at-will (whether by astral projection, the aitheric double, dreamwalking, deity-possession-of-one's-evacuated-material-body, or whatever).]

(2A) Likewise as for universe-wide telepathy-based governments (NONE OF WHICH IS ADMITTED NOR ACKNOWLEDGED BY ANY GOVERNMENTAL FACILITY), and (2B) non-practice (non-understanding of) the same (WHICH IS ALWAYS CHARACTERISTIC OF ALL GOVERNMENTAL FACILITIES). [Cosmic telepathy is likewise neither taught nor published about in any such major university, although it hath been abundantly demonstrated and verified with proofs exceeding in rigor any other proofs known to science -- all this refusal to teach and to publish being the result of ploutokrat and ploutkrat-stooge absolutist control of the universities.]

Inquiry : HOW AND WHY ARE WE NOW EMBODIED IN A MATERIAL BODY LOCATED IN THE MATERIAL PLANE-OF-EXISTENCE and thus separated from the Universal-Mutual-Telepathy of Collectivist/ Communalist/ Communist Retention-of-Through-All-of-Lifetimes-of-Imperishable-Memory? This location must place us in the dead centre of communication (lines etc.) betwixt and among otherwise-virtually-incapable of mutually-being-enabled-to-intercommunicate planes (and sub-planes)-of-existence : because, in order for the universal-mutual-telepathy networks to be able to function, they must each be so particularly specialized that their signal-reception must depend upon a universal centre-of-telepathic-signal-transmission which is almost entirely lacking in a power to receive -- and said centre is the so-called material plane-of-existence. The main advantage in there being only a single centre-of-signal-radiation is that (because all other, i.e., non-material, planes-of-existence) are quite capable of acting on it in any and all other modes (than would subject it to telepathic reception), they are enabled thereby to detect each other quite copiously (albeit indirectly) in detecting the total signal-output of the material plane-of-existence. And because we denizens of the material plane-of-existence consume about 1/3 of our time (sleeping) in non-material bodies in non-material planes-of-existence, this our non-material sojourning is able to function as an additional site whence to transmit further telepathic informations under laboratory condiitions (our dreams being laboratories set up by dream-communist-governments for the testing of soul-mind-intellect of individuals in relation to Cosmic Soul, Cosmic Mind, and Cosmic Intellect of the Cosmic Communisms (mentioned in Neo-Platonic, Yarsani, etc. literatures).

The religions which are noted for denying both (1) universal-mutual-telepathy and therewith (as a corollary) universal-retention-of-memory (including on behalf of individual persons) in the universal-communalism/communism-government based in the universal-mutual-telepathy network; and (2) universally-mutually-faciliated redincarnative embodiment-at-will (which is, of course, dependent on and a product of the universal-memory-rentention network operating both beyond and through lifespans (of individuals, whether embodied materially or embodied non-materially)

include Bauddha, Jaina, and Ajivika -- all of which developed and evolved under severe scarcity-based ploutokrat-dominated despotisms, and are therefore IN SEVERE NEED OF BEING ABANDONED AND REPUDIATED WITH ALL POSSIBLE DENUNCIATION of their denying these to extremely critical aspect-esssences which must be the bases of all practical metaphysics.

The universal-telepathy system is (though highly familiar in modern universalists flying-saucer cults) little-known (or at any rate, little-reported in the anthropology-literature thereto appertaining) in archaic shamanry; whereas the incarnation-at-will is more widely mentioned (perhaps more so in non-government-inspired literature such as the Politeia by Platon and its Neo-Platonic commentaries, rather than in the tightly-controlled-by-the-political-goverment Bodish literature), even described in "primitive" (e.g., West African) religions.

The very fakery of the government-promoted notion of their being some intangible, indefinable "bodhi" ('enlightenment') of the Bauddha [or even more egregiously, the isolating "kaivalya" ('solitude') of the Jaina] system is highly evident as a ploutokrat/capitalist obfuscating method of disguising truly mutual-sociality requirement for achieving noticeable contact with the universal liberation (moks.a) from ignorance and from pain. For actually, ignorance and pain are to eliminated by linking into the universal-telepathy-network, and NOT AT ALL by the Bauddha-Jain-Ajivika method of private self-contemplate in willful self-isolation. The Bauddha-Jain-Ajivika and its vaunted "philosophy" (dars`ana) is a merely a ploutokrat-concocted recipe for self-deception.

All the antient systems of philosophy-and-religion must be largely supplanted by the universal-cosmic-telepathy universal-embodiment-at-will flying-saucer cults which invite the seizure of the planet (on behalf of the general populace, but by seizure of all capitalist-stooge-governmental military stocks) by force, whenever the aeternal universal flying-saucer government may be ready to launch the necessary assault : necessarily paralyzing and/or killing all stooges of all capitalist governments, and capturing all militarist-ploutokrats for being convicted in divine criminal-courts (concurrently held throughout all planes-of-existence) for the confining into places (such as galaxies-group Great Attractors) of torment for all the mass-murdering genocidal (and humanocidal) trillionaire-terrorists who now by their secret-police-forces hold the planet in a thought-paralyzing grip of terror.

[written Dec 13 Fri 2013]