Universals versus Particulars in States-of-Consciousness

Ascending through states-of-consciousness via the Universals

hath, as its converse spiritual process,

descending through states-of-consciousness via the Particulars.

Universals include the universal deities organizing structure of the universewide committees of benevolent-souled mortals for promotion of universal communism (communalism, communality) for the benefit and delight of all consciousnesses everywhere; whereas

Particulars include the ethically-defective ideology-limited-to-materialism's-insentience capitalist-stooge material-pay-seeking hirelings-of-ploutokrats who are the bane of genuine communism and who seek to bring about (as is the goal of capitalism) the maximum suffering and misery to all beings everywhere.

thus illustrated :




aware of subtle means for undertaking universewide subversion of materialism by secret agents

universal communist conspiracy is maintained universewide by envoys and ambassadors

ascending void : dreams of travel in outer space (in transition between planets/stars, voyaging aboard flying saucers, arranging conferences)

aware of universal communism as goal of all wise sentient beings, divine and otherwise

communist devotees intent on rescuing all beings from delusive absurdities of materialism

ascending dream : transcendent (conferences with divinities proclaiming divine communism as salvation from materialism)

concentration on universal nature of trance, well-aware of it

pro-communism devotees entring trance worlds to elude capitalist materialsm

ascending trance : shamanic (shamanry-practitioners seek to set free others from materialist delusion)

distinction, between universals and particulars, significant only in grammar of logic

ruling class of materialist mortals feigning to be worthy authorities (thus defying the divinities)

material plane, wherein particulars are known to be subject to universals (realm of struggle between communism and capitalism)

subject unaware of motivation or purpose of hypnotist

controlled by oblivion-promoting hypnotist's materialistic spirits

descending trance : hypnotic (hypnotized subjects are controlled by material-plane-oriented hypnotists)

dreamer unaware of trickily materialism-promoting factors in dream-worlds

materialism-facsimile dream-world is controlled from behind its scenes by material-world capitalists

descending dream : engrossing (facsimile of waking world deludeth dreamer into not recognizing that it is an immaterial dream-world)

ideology hath failed due to its inadequacies in understanding materialism : emptiness

dreamlessness-state world is actually tightly controlled by hireling-stooges of the capitalist conspiracy

descending void : dreamless sleep (without accomplishment : no memory-awareness thereof afterwards, due to lack of content)

N.B. The 4 states are jagrat (waking), dhyana (trance ), svapna (dream), and s`unyata (voidness); of which the last 3 each have 2 varieties in mutually contrary action. The term /sus.upti/ is usually applied to the descending void (but /vimana/ -- experienced by arhant-s -- to the ascending void); and the term /turiya/ ('4th') is given various meanings, including /a-nanda/ 'bliss' (which is sometimes taken to signify 'orgasm'). The term /svarga/ is usually applied to a dream which is an admixture of ascending and descending components.

Nir-van.a 'blowing-out (so as to extinguish a flame)' is ambiguous; but could refer to directional reversal betokening transition from the fiery salamandre-realm (of the Agni deities toward the southeast in Nus-antara) to the airy sylph-realm (of the Vayu deities to the northwest in S`veta-dvipa).

[written Aug 5 2015]