Repraesentative Diagram Symbolic of the Relationship among the Material (Composite of 3 Gun.a-s) Universe and the 3 Subtle (Immaterial : Each of a Single Gun.a) Universes


Stationed vertically (possibly at mutual 120o angles in the horizontal plane, to denote the 1/3 quanta characteristic of quasiparticle quarks), 3 triangular rings/rims (in the shape of right-angled triangles of whole-number side-lengths [at the simplest instance 3 by 4 by 5 units] -- as, e.g., in TL-MRJ ("EM") and in Bharata ("S`SVI")) [historically, the singling out (by means of algorithm) of whole-number solutions (3 by 4 by 5 being one such solution) having been first performed for the s`ulba-sutra-s ("DEK", pp. 7-8)], pierced at each right-angle's apex; also,

suspended from the the piercings through the right-angle apices of the triangles, three elliptical rings/rims mutually interlocked. As for the measures of the ellipses, the lengths of their minor and major axes must not only be in whole-number units, but such numbers be so selected as to result in circumferences (along each ellipse) and in areas (within each ellipse) which are themselves whole numbers -- i.e., Diophantine modes of "rational parameterization of the ellipse" (e.g., "ESDQuF"), the algorithm provided in "DASCI" (referred to in "DPS", fn. 8). [The reason for ellipses instead of circles is, of course, to evade the transcendental numbers as measures for circumferences and for areas which result from circles of rational-number units of radius/diametre.]

Significations of the 6 rings/rims : the 3 right triangles with piercings through their 3 right-angle corners (thus somewhat different from the triangle of 3 rings joined in 3 pairs by rods aequilaterally, proposed as symbol by Petrus Alfonsi of Aragon -- "BRChI") are denotive of the 3 dyadic aspects (categories of force-fields) of the material universe, with their right angles to indicate potential conversion within each category of force-fields -- i.e., between magnetic field and electrostatic field; between attractive gravitic force and gravitic "frame-dragging" (referring to accelerating an object passing through space parallel to a planet's aequator in the direction of that planet's rotation -- e.g., "GEM" 1 -- in the gravitic "torsion-field" -- e.g., "GTF"); and between strong nuclear force and weak nuclear force.

The elliptical rings -- compare and contrast the "Borromean rings" [in Nipponese, /mi-wa/ ('3 rings'), emblem of the Taoist '3 worlds' ("BRShSh")] consisting of "three interlaced circles" (as proposed, for symbolizing the 3 divine aspects, by Joachim of Fiore -- "BRChI") -- denote the 3 subtle (immaterial) universes : astral, mental, and causal.

the 3 S^into worlds

The 3 worlds are ("ShT") : "Takamagara, Heaven ruled by Amaterasu", "Umihara The plain of the sea (ruled by Susanowo)", and "Yoru no osu Kuni The Night Land of Food, ruled by Tsukuyomi no mikoto".

Ama-terasu is worshipped as Sun-goddess.

{The Sun-goddess is understood by tribes in northern California to reside in a palace built of shells of abalone, which are iridescent, as the Causal Plane is witnessed to be.}

Susanowo flayed a colt.

{In Chinese mythology, "the silkworm ... is ... wrapped in a horsehide" (HChM, s.v. "Leizu", p. 164). Glossiness of silk and of satin may indicate the Mental Plane.}

"Tsuki-Yumi, as soon as he was born, climbed up the Ladder to Heaven." (PM, s.v. "Ladder of Heaven 1")

{This would repraesent the dream-world, for the Ladder to Heaven was seen being climbed in the dream by Ya<qob.}

topological symbols

"The Frenchman Jacques Lacan (1901-1981) ... made frequent use of topological objects such as the Mobius band and the Klein bottle, and, in particular, knots and links.

He used the three components of the Borromean rings to systematise the interrelationships between the Real (the material world), the Symbolic (the world of language and abstract thought), and the Imaginary (the world of vision and dreams)." ("BRM")

{Actually, the only truly real plane-of-existence is the Causal Plane; the world of language and abstract thought is the Mental Plane; and the usual world of ordinary, commonplace dreaming is the Astral Plane.}

[Lacan's "rendition of the Real ... relates to ... “the Lady” in the courtly love tradition" (SEPH"JL" 2.1.3 "The Real"), a tradition which is largely Arthurian, Keltic Pagan, and Italic Pagan; and is furthermore related s`akta goddesses proclaiming Ni-gama lore.]

The connectivity (often alluded to as aitheric) among the universes is denoted by the linkages among the rings : so as to repraesent them by more specific devices, various ball-and-tenon arrangements could be inset within the piercing at the right angle of each of the 3 triangles. Also, perhaps some device at the each triangle's centre (juncture of 3 aequi-area subtriangles of each tripartite triangle) connecting with the centre of each of the ellipses -- these 3 pairs of centre-connectors, if used, could refer to direct connection of each subtle-universe telepathy-maintained communications-network, each with its correlated material-universe countrepart of the co-operation managed by networks of committees of divinities propre to governance of those aspects of material-universe functions.

Catalytic effects of gravitic force include : (1) enabling transfer of angular momentum (changed into ordinary momentum) to a space-vehicle passing alongside the planet's (Jupiter's) aequator in the direction of its rotation;

(2) [perhaps within a quasar] enabling embedding of an electron into a proton, thus imparting energy-potential for later release (in this latter case the energy-potential must have been derived from depleting other energies, perhaps those of circumambient "zero-point" quantum-vacuum; which is afterwards always easily repleted, as usual, with electromagnetic photon-energy forfeited (as if it were the toll paid from traveling), via the red-shift of luminance from distant galaxies, into that quantum-vacuum). Very likely, the "Great Attractors" (temporarily controling groups of galaxies) serve as exchange-centres for regulating transfer (to quasar-mechanisms performing otherwise-catalytic embedding of electrons into protons) of energy lost by more distant galaxies (beyond range of direct gravitational influence from that Great Attractor) by way of red-shift; in exchange for perhaps imparting of vitalistic energies (lost by biological species which have become extinct in the immediate vicinity of said Great Attractor) to biologic species evolving into existence in those remoter galaxies.

The 3 subtle ( universes can be associated severally with the 3 gun.a-s ('threads, strands') whose intimate interweaving is characteristic of the material universe; but which may be considered separately as constituing the qualities of the 3 dyads of force-fields.

Thus :-

gun.a /TAMas/ is cognate with /TAMra/ 'copper' (substance of the paradisial islands resorted to by Padma-sambhava, who hath the epithet 'red-waterlily-born' characteristic of Brahma), which is a conductor of electricity (for electromagnetic force);

gun.a /rajas/ 'powder' [apparently related to the meaning 'pulverisation' ("DEK", p. 10) of /kut.t.aka/ : also known as "descent" ("DEK", p. 18), scil., through mirrors encountred in dreaming, into Netherworld-realms thereof] is (in Bodish ritual) employed to coat the horizontal mirrors which serve as altars for Vajra-yana temples (leaving as pristine mirror-surface only the tracing of the divine name in the powder, so that by seeing one's own reflection in the name-tracing, one will be understood as embodying the divine name -- one's so seeing sensed by deities invisibly praesent as observers), thus to suggest the small area uncovered on the surface of a pulsar-star whence may escape the beam of luminance, and likewise to suggest the quasar (mis-styled "black hole") whose luminance is restrained by gravitation; and

gun.a /sattva/ (*/sad-tva/ 'sittingness, sedation') is to indicate the energy-potential of a neutron (a proton within which is embedded, or is sitting, within an electron) in releasing its electron (through the intermediate stage of transmuting a muon into an electron) during the fusion of tritium nuclei (and thus to indicate strong nuclear force).

deities of the 2 sorts of nuclear forces

The praesiding deity of strong-nuclear force is worshipped as TRITon (mentioned in the Argonautika)/TRITa Aptya (mentioned in the R.c-Veda Samhita) of the "heavy [or dense] water" (said in the Puran.a to constitute the substance of stars); whereas

the praesiding deity of weak-nuclear force is worshipped as oURANos (mentioned in the Theogonia by Hesiodos)/URANa ( mentioned in the R.c-Veda Samhita 2:6:4), elemental spirit in URANium.


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R.c-Veda Samhita 2:6

[written May 9 (Satur) 2015] [corrections May 10 (to 3 right-angle triangles vertical, from 1 right-angle triangle horizontal; arrangement of such 3 right-angle triangles at mutual 1/3 of 360o angles)]


Further Explication of the Foregoing

Because in the "string-theory" of quarks (each nucleon consisting of a set of 3 quarks), the length of each quark must, as measured in units (a quantum-requirement for each quark) be a specific whole number of units, and because each set of 3 quarks would optimally be (to account for the dyadic nature of force-fields as pairs of forces necessarily acting upon one another at mutual right angles), therefore the nucleons would necessarily be whole-number-sided right-angled triangles : similar to those being proposed as diagrams for the dyadic force-fields themselves.

By way of contrast, the depiction of a wave (e.g., electromagnetic) produced by the interaction between the pair would be in terms of stacked windings having continous variation of rate (continuous speeding-up followed by slowing down, alternatingly) of rotation, including reversal through oppositing its direction of rotation : this (in its variant as a standing-wave) could also be involved in depicting pairs (paired, on account of reversal in direction of rotation) of couplings (i.e., connections) between universes.

That "descent" (in the mode of proof) must result in "pulverization" (of expectation to achieve a whole-number, as required in logical proofs for quantum-theory) is illustrated in the myth of the descent of the pursuing boulder [similar to that rolled downhill by Deva-datta so as to harass S`akya-muni (Vinaya Pit.aka 2.184-98 -- "SchD", pp. 3-5); while the JIVAka who healed a foot's wound inflicted by this boulder (LB, p. 135) be aequivalent to the Bion (< */JIWAn/) ] who told of (DCM, s.v. "Adonis", p. 13b) the wounding of Adonis.]

As concerning Deva-datta, he is son of ("CWAE", p. 128) Amita-udana ('unlimited expiration') -- wherein Udana is the 'exclamation'-book for (in 10 = 2:1) Muca-linda the naga-raja ('dragon-king'); and another naga-raja 'dragon-king', namely Sagara ("CWAE", p. 127) is, in the partisan Devadatta book Sat-dharma Pun.d.arika Vaipulya-sutra, the father of ("CWAE", p. 126) interlocutrix Ratna-datta.

One disciple (i.e., founder of a subsect of his denomination) of Deva-datta's is ("CWAE", p. 128) Kokalika (connected with authorship of the Koka S`astra). Because Ajivika-s were described as praevalent in a region where, later, adhaerents of Deva-datta were found (A, p. 71), the latter may be derived from the former.

Skt /kut.t.aka/ also hath the signification 'kingfisher' (SS"K"), a bird which "bolts his food greedily" (SL, p. 2533 = CL, vol. 4, p. 145) [alike unto the wolverine].

In the Sahaptin language, the word denoting 'kingfisher' is /T>u`Lux/ (SNDYD), cognate with <arabi /T.ILa>/ 'plating (with metal)' (DMWA, p. 664a), thus to indicate that the kingfisher is noted for "early metallic brilliancy of plumage" ("HK", p. 253).

When Wolf died [slain by "a white water-lion" (western Ontario Ojibwe "OT", p. 491) -- such panther suffred having amputated its (Wisconsin Ojibwe WChM&T --"UP") tail of copper, much as the bronze-winged is gifted by (PM, p. 278 [Andamanese]) pearlshell-amputated-tailed Kingfisher] in the river, Kingfisher (Wisconsin Ojibwe "W&W") "was waiting for some of the guts to come floating down the stream so he could eat them." This would be equivalent to the Norse myth of how Va`li extracted (according to the Vo,luspa`) the gut from (according to Gylfa-ginning 50 -- "V R34/H30") the corpse of NARFi (/sNARF/ 'to eat greedily' (W"S") -- which is the behaviour of a wolverine); and /VA`LI/ (<arabi /WALI/ 'benefactor, sponsor' DMWA, p. 1289a) is, through the Religious Society of Friends' term "VALIAnt friend", applied especially to a woman, referrable to <arabi /WALIyAh/ 'holy woman' (DMWA, p. 1289a), and to /WALIAn/ 'priestess' (of Totemboan tribe in northern Sulawesi) to whom "A spirit will descend from heaven, down a wooden ladder and alight on her neck between her shoulderblades" there to enter and possess her (PM, s.v. "Shamanism 3", p. 262). This descent upon the neck might compare with how Kingfisher (Makah "WhA&BWC") "had stolen a necklace of shells. ... The necklace of shells was turned into a ring of feathers around Kingfisher's neck."


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[written May 11 2015]