why the material universe?

The Why, Wherefore, and How as to

the Existence of the Material Universe

As concerning difficulties which may arise out of the existence of a material universe :

material universe producing materialism,

materialism producing greed,

greed producing capitalism,

capitalism producing defrauding, cheating, mendacity, and incessant warfare.

The nature of strict materialism : compraehensive denial of meaning and of purpose (because material substances do not seem to display having any meanings nor purposes in and of themselves), with consequential intent to eliminate all traces of meaniningness and purposivity from manifest existence. This elimination must, in practical terms, entail (because all life-forms display behaviour implying purpose and meaning) exterminating all living beings -- this being feasible if done with a combination of atomic bombs and soldierlike robots. (For this reason, those paragons of capitalist materialism, the war-munitions-manufacturers, are devoted to promoting manufacture and deployment of both atomic bombs and military robots.)

Thus much is well-known; lesser-known (in view of the fact that only such factors are able to exist as are necessitated for the universal well-being of all) is the reason of the on-going existence of a material universe.

The reason is located in the modality of interrelations (including intercommunications) among the various planes (levels) of existence :

the astral (emotional) plane [main motivator of animals (almost devoid of logic)],

the mental plane [main motivator of craftily scheming ploutokrats (lacking ethics)],

the causal (ethical) plane [main motivator of mystics etc. (having collectivist ethics)].

In order to interact efficiently, these planes (viz., the collectivities of their respective denizens, who are all supernatural entities) must employ (and concurrently devise, maintain and keep repaired) an artificial construct (which owing to its artificiality is liable to many defects), namely the material universe. (Because the material universe so constructed must consist of interwoven strands of aitheric substance respectively protective to the 3 mutually almost entirely incompatible planes of existence, its capacities are accordingly restricted.)

[written Sept 13 2014]