levels of worlds in the body

the 7 cakra-s are the centres for the 7 (rather than 5) maya-kos`a-s surrounding the atman

in body : __ plexus

world in body

its subdivisions (series involved)


Kun.d.alin & Kun.d.alini (figured as hoop-snakes : cf. "Sacred Hoop" of North American Indians) – world-hoops = Tohu^ & Bohu^ (horizon-rings which surround the worlds) = double-ring (2 concentric rings) of mountain-ranges Loka-aloka (‘World-Lamp’)

the Hellenistic Aiguptian, of some 28 including "Lamp"


Mula-dhara ‘Root-Support’, indicative of MULA-barhani (one of the naks.atra-s)

the 24 naks.atra-s


SVADHis.t.hana – ‘SVADHa’ realm of pitr.-s, controlled by Aryaman : this is land of caelestial (divine) Ganga where (according to the Maha-bharata) the dead abide

the 12 Kemian night-hour realms


Man.i-pur – ‘Jewel-City’ as man.d.ala (4-gated)

its 4 janitors = 4 Vis.n.u-s


Anahata – heart (GM 80.b) of Zagreus, who took 8 successive forms (his own & 7 others – GM 80.a)

the Ogdoad at Hermopolis


Vi-s`uddhi -- constricted throat of PRETA-s = /PROITO-/ king of TIRunTH- (/TIRTHa/, often reckoned as 14, as in SP 5:1:20; NU-P)

the 14 Manu-s


Ajn~a -- the 360 degrees? (simplifiable to 6 * 60 ? – cf. 60 Chinese divine military generals)

the 6 rebirth-realms ?

scyphic (scalp)

Sahasra-ara (‘1000 spokes’), or (by cube root of 1000) 10, as in 10 ox-herding scenes of Zen

the 10 Spiro^t (#s)


Sa-kala-s`iva & S`ankhini (ECh, p. 206) above Sahasra-ara – Soma, melting in order to drip indu (‘drops’) of a-mr.ta

the 25 couples ? (CBM 58-60)

SP = Skanda Puran.a http://www.exoticindiaart.com/book/details/IDF415/

NU-P = Nara-simha Upa-puran.a – mentioned in http://books.google.com/books?id=ySV5flP9XWkC&pg=PA128&lpg=PA128&dq="fourteen+tirthas"&source=bl&ots=4UJfEOLUYI&sig=V0_8V3gAqvj2kJV2fxDecpuvRmU&hl=en&ei=vx3qSYmCLKfhtgfOkcnWBQ&

ECh = Susan G. Shumsky : Exploring Chakras. Career Pr, 2003.

N.B. – In the cardiac dan-tian is generated (by Daoist practitioners of "internal alchemy") the immortal embryo-child = Zagreus

the 8 forms of Zagreus may repraesent the 8 S`mas`ana-s ‘Cemeteries’ (in S`mas`ana-vidhi) = the 8 (mostly skull-headed) regents of the dead (Codex Borgianus Mexicanus 75-76); these would correspond perhaps to the 8 days of the Etruscan week; cf. 8 years spent by the dead in Hades (according to Pindaros – Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics, s.v. "Thrace", p. 328a, fn. 10 http://books.google.com/books?id=UD8TAAAAYAAJ&pg=PA328&lpg=PA328&dq=%22eight+forms+of+Zagreus%22&source=bl&ots=fPKv5bBa8X&sig=3h_z_6B8skGJHv8qMLnRPS2R69g&hl=en&ei=VnvsSeD8I8-EtwfVq5DTBQ&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=8 )

the organization by 25 is prae-eminently rN~in-ma, and is derived by them as the square of 5. the 5 are the Brahman-s (Sadyas-jata, etc.); rN~in-ma is primarily a cult of Brahma, having been founded by one Padma-sambhava (born, like Brahma, from a red waterlily).


some of these sets of subdivisions can be collapsed into sets of pairs :–

full set

set of pairs

the 14 Manu-s ?

7 pairs of Manu-antara-s (according to the Theosophical Society, apparently following some Upa-puran.a)

the 6 rebirth-realms ?

3 eyen (pineal gland is ‘3rd eye’), each eye having (in a Confucian scheme, based perhaps on double-pupil fish in the Orinoco) 2 pupils

the 10 Spiro^t (#s)

5 pairs of mouse-divination rules (in the gbekre used by the Guro of the Ivory Coast) – cf. 2 tablets (having 5 Commandments each) from mt. Sinay

the 25 couples ?

12+1/2 apostles ? (including Matthias, mentioned in the Acts of the Apostles)


on the signification of "Mula-barhani" (literally, ‘uprooting’) : In North American Indian mythologies, often a hole into the floor of sky, for exit downwards of sky-dwellers into the (thitherto unpopulated) earth, was said to have been made by the uprooting of a tree or bush. This is parallel with a making of a hole into the floor of the earth, for exit downwards of earth-dwellers the (thitherto unpopulated) subterranean chambre = netherworld.

[Skt.] /NaKS.atRa/ is cognate with [Latin] /NiXoR/ ‘I lean upon’ (scil., a rod-staff)

H^akas (KhS)

Norse{; Eskimo}

Astika; Latin; Hellenic

<arbi^; <ibri^

A female bird requaested, of the duck who owned all the land, " "Just ... the area covered by the tip of my walking stick, which I am leaning on. ..." She [the requaesting bird] stood there, her walking stick pierced through the earth and

Bo,lverk (‘Bulwark’) pierced, with his GIMLet (cognate with /HIMa-aLaya/), into a subterranean chambre, and

Winged Sphinx posed riddle solution whereto was walking-cane for the aged (GM 105.e).

[Skt.] /NaKS.atRa/ is cognate with [Lat.] /NiXoR/ ‘I lean upon’ – but Nixi were (CDCM) statues of kneeling women, while Nixus was the name of a kneeling constellation (LD), commemorating

The "stars" (S^pat.i^m 5:20) "pierced" (S^pati^m 5:26) for "butter" (S^pat.i^m 5:25) – praepared by churning {cf. gimlet’s drilling}.


(according to Aiskhulos, quoted by Huginos -- H) a meteor-shower as of missile-weapons (GM 132.k).

(According to the Qur>an,) meteors are hurled as divine missile-weapons

she came to live in the world below." (p. 2)

entered into it. {"Puffins are able to dig ... and nest in tunnels." (AP) Puffin is tall-beaked.}

[Tall-beaked bird, the goldfinch, is AKalANTHIs. AKANTHIs was daughter of AUTONOos : cf. AUTONOe ‘self-willed’ mother (GM 82.e) of Makris ‘Tall’.] {With "gold"-finch cf. "golden bough" carried as passport by Aineias (< *ENeS- : [Skt.] /ENaS-/ ‘sin’) into the world of the dead.}

at the Jnun because they are independently minded (independent thought = self-will = sin).

"The swallow arrived.

Thence he flew out in bird-guise, pursued by Tjazzi (after quaffing reserved liquor with Tjazzi’s daughter).


Dove brought an olive-branch, to (LB, p. 78) the mt. of Olives (where Iskariot betrayed, after sacramental wine was quaffed).

Khudai put the khut-soul, or life-force, into the man, and the man stood up." (p. 3) (H^uday was the land-owning duck.)

The 2 ravens of O`dinn were Hugin & Munin (‘Thought’ & ‘Memory’). {cf. Alaskan Eskimo myth that Raven made the land.}

In NAXos (cf. /NAKS.Atra/) dwelt Boutes who entered a well at the instance of (CDCM, s.v. "Butes") Koronis (‘Crow’).

Raven had stayed away, eating human corpses, on its land.


Naxos was son either (CDCM, s.v. "Naxus") of PoLemoN {cf. naks.atra /PhaL-guNi/}, or of En-DUMioN (cf. Dorian tribe /DUMaNes/) the son of Aethlios.


KhS = Galina Kazachinova & Kira van Deusen : Khakass Stories. Udagan Books, 2003.

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Sisra> is ruler of Bohu^ (line-of-slimy-stones = "Bailey’s beads" of solar total eclipse?)

SISRa> (S^pati^m 5:20, 26, 28, 30) : cf. /SaSSaRi/ in S^RDN (Sardon). Sisra> was with

[According to the Veda,] husband of the divine bitch Sarama is the divine dog Sisara (‘lead-producing’ : [Skt.] /SISa-/ ‘plumbum’).

"plummet" [plumbum] of Bohu^ (Talmud "H.agigah" 11b:25 – RS) : "A line ... being pulled by the weight ... which shows the correct way for building." (SSPh, p. 12, 4.2, citing Hegyon ha-Nefes^).

DBo^rah, his head "at her feet" (S^pat.i^m 5:27).

The name /Sarama/ is probably from */SaLama/ : [Lat.] /SoLum/ ‘sole (of foot)’.

The palladion plummeted to earth at hill of Ate, a "goddess whose feet rested on the heads of mortals" (CDCM, s.v. "Ate").

With the meaning of /Dbo^rah/ (‘bee’), cf. the profession (bee-keeping – GM 82.d) of Aristaios, leader of the 2nd invasion of Ikhnousa.

Bees were found (S^pat.i^m 14:8) in corpse of lion {cf. lioness which Atalante became (GM 80.l).}

NR.Ga (named after own mother Nr.ga) was son of US`I-naRa : with /US`IRa/ ‘fragrant plant Andropogon muricatus’ cf. /skhoinos/ ‘aromatic rush plant’ (LD, s.v. "schoenus") named for father of Atalante (cf. /ATARantes/ of Herodotos, with [<ar.] /<AT.AR/ ‘perfume’).

According to Pausanias, the 3rd invasion of Ikhnousa ‘foothold’ was led by NoRaG- (SAT, p. 29). From him are named the nuraghi (domes), similar to the iglu (snowhouse).

RS = http://www.annettereed.com/RS-3R03/bhag.html

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Tohu^ (green line surrounding the world) may be a composite of yellow ring & blue ring

The "green line" would be the rim of the setting sun last visible momentarily at sunset (at sea), the jade around head of [Aztec detiy] Tlalchi-tonatiuh.

In (according to Celsus) the Ophite diagram are "a blue circle (sphere) of darkness and a yellow circle (sphere) of light." (SS&Ph, p. 6, 2.3)

According to [the more complete MSs of] the Sefer Yes.irah, snow became (SY, p. 85) Tohu^ & Bohu^. Because a snow-particle is hexically symmetrical, of the 2 triangles constituting the "star of Dawid", one triangle may be considered as the blue circle and one triangle as the yellow circle, thusly interlaced to form Tohu^.

Where the Septuagint translateth Tohu^ as /aoratos/ ‘invisible’ (D&L) [other Hellenic translators using other translations (U&U, p. 116)], this may be an allusion to the visual indistinguishability between the blue and the yellow circles when they are so interlaced.

SY = A. Peter Hayman : Sefer Yes.irah : ... text-critical commentary. Mohr Siebeck, 2004.

D&L = http://www.bibleandscience.com/bible/books/genesis/genesis1_desolate.htm

U&U = Weston Fields : Unfilled and Unformed. New Leaf Publ, 2005.


assignment of 7 cakra-s to planetary system :-


its planet




moon is in Svadhis.t.hana (CFC)




planet Mercury = (EAS, pp. 362a, 367a, 384a) Quetzalcoatl of the Sacred Heart


Kavya US`ANas (planet Venus) = /oUKAlegoN/ the father of (CDCM, s.v. "Ucalegon") the Sphing- ‘Throttleress’ (GM, vol 2., p. 409)


planet Mars = Skanda the military commander


planet Jupiter = "bull-footed" Zeus -- the Vaidik altars are spoked, aequivalent to the Near Eastern horned altars


planet Saturn = S`ani who "is hanging upside down like a bat" in a cave (HT, p. 140); Guro mouse-divination is performed by mice on bat-bones (G)

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